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4 Replies to “Brad Johnson with an update on Turkey and the ratcheting up tensions in the region”

  1. As China and India back off from the edge of war (yes I know they aren’t backing off very far but they are baking off) Turkey starts picking a fight with Russia. Are Turkey and China trying to keep the worlds attention bouncing from one area to the other like North Korea and Iran did for so long?

    When, not if but when Turkey starts the war with Russia I doubt that NATO will side with Turkey, if for no other reason the European antifa groups will start screaming if they do. Plus the fact that the many Arabic and Turkish fighters that have entered into Europe illegally will start even more fights against each other and the Europeans in Europe are going to have to start rebuilding their military forces to try and save their nations. This will prevent Europe from helping Greece or Turkey for several years.

    As with so any things timing is important, if I were Erdogan or Xi I would wait until after the US election to start any war. The left is going to explode no matter who wins the November election (I don’t see how the left can get enough crooked votes cast to tilt the election to Biden but they can get it close enough for them to start raising hell) the US is going to be in turmoil will massive riots and probably organized guerilla war attacks.

  2. ? Turks look down on Arabs because Ottoman ?!
    Ha! ARABS are the ones who look down on TURKS! Asiatic Mongol-mongrels. And no matter what, the filthy Turk knows he’ll get NO respect from Arabs.
    – – because Moh!, but even more –
    – – because EGYPT, the most populous Sunni Arab nation, and EGYPT is pre-everybody!!

    It's a refrain: Pyramids, Pharoahs, Moses, Alexandria - the navel of classical antiquity. We were doing-xyz while inhabitants west of us were still swinging from the trees!

    [The West is dazzled by oily Gulfies, but their status is low in populous Arab countries. On the contrary, they’re “camel-drivers”, “door-keepers and janitors” of Mecca and Medina.]

    In fact, they all hate each other.
    Burak Bekdil says it often and perfectly:
    Turkey, the Arab World Is Just Not That into You

    “He runs around in a fake fire extinguisher’s outfit, holding a silly hose in his hands and knocking on neighbors’ doors to put out the fire in their homes. “Go away,” his neighbors keep telling him. “There is no fire here!”

    I am the person to put out that fire, he insists, as doors keep shutting on his face. That was more or less how Turkish Pres Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman, pro-ummah (Islamic community), “Big Brother” game has looked in the Middle East.…”

    He’s trying to win them over with “soft-power” media, but he’ll have better luck with the Pakistanis. Maybe.

    How Turkey’s soft power conquered Pakistan

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