Competing theories on cause of US forest fires

One from the anti-state Governor of California, Gavin Newsome along with enemy propaganda:

The other from the Islamic State and related orgs and ideologies who suggest that these exact fires be set as a form of jihad. Many arrests have already been made of people for setting fires in this region. In fact it specifies California.

Or it could be…

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5 Replies to “Competing theories on cause of US forest fires”

  1. Some are caused by accidents (usually caused by stupidity) some are caused by poor maintenance by the power company and some are caused by arson.

    • The loons stopped cleaning up the forest floor. I live on a piece of land -5 acres. I spend my time picking up old branches and piling them in an open area for winter kindling. If a fire come through you do not have all the brush to feed the fire. The genius global warming people like to leave it natural. California stopped brushing under the hydro lines, brush grows to the lines and can spark fires.

      • It’s part of the problem but not all of the problem.
        As I wrote, entire West Coast – California, Oregon, Washington – all in flames with major alerts for cities in those states.
        Will Portland survive tonight?

        I keep thinking about the defenseless wildlife and farm animals. I saw videos, heartbreaking.

        A house destroyed is rebuilt within a short few months, most times with insurance policy, but it takes a tree at least 25 years to grow. And there is no point of living in a sterile wildlife-free environment, bad for the soul.

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