Communist insurgency in all but name: Links 1, September 12, 2020

1. Paris YVP appears to be cover for the usual communist insurgents…

2. Live stream from Munich…

Queerdenker are demonstrating against the Corona-Hysteria:

3. Nigel Farage on the invasion of England from the channel

4. More Paris commie tactics:


5. NYC

6. Dr. Fauci, Hero of the Chinese communist state

Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, ET., EB., Xanthippa and all who contributed to this work at all this week and weekend.

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6 Replies to “Communist insurgency in all but name: Links 1, September 12, 2020”

  1. The Comintern militias in all of the Western Nations are coordinating their efforts to create so much chaos the governments will collapse. They are all using the same tactics hoping to create a world where they can take over all of the nations and create a one world socialist government.


    Look at this and tell me it’s not exactly the same as every other end-of-the-world hoax that’s ever been perpetrated upon stupid ignorant frightened people. “Mother nature is angry”, says Nancy Pelosi. “The Gods are angry”. That’s always the reason the swindlers give for the coming apocalypse. ‘Man, in his arrogance, has reached too far and now the great Garbanzo is angry and we have to give the swindlers all our money so he can use his influence with the Great Garbanzo and save us from certain doom.’

    How could we be so bloody stupid in this day and age to fall for literally the oldest trick in the book? Mother Nature is not angry and climate change is a hoax and Nancy Pelosi is one of the evilest people I have ever in my life seen. She’s a modern day Lavrentiy Beria if ever I did see one. Nancy is a liar, just like Adolf Hitler…

    • The left took control of the educational system so they could slowly stop teaching basic science and stop teaching the kids how to think. Now they are reaping the results of that effort by having so many people ignorant of the science that disproves their apocalyptic lies. This ignorance of so many is one of the reasons the civil wars are going to last a long time.

      • They literally do not know how to think, do they. And I guess if a kid takes an AR-15 to school and kills 50 people doesn’t that take 50 CO2-breathers out of the equation and give Mother Earth a break? Isn’t it a good thing to eliminate 50 “carbon footprints” in one fell swoop? Aren’t they sort of counselling the boys to do school shootings because people are a cancer upon the earth and should be eliminated to save the planet? Aren’t they teaching the kids that we’re all doomed and there’s no point in living any more…?

        • Aren’t they sort of counselling the boys to do school shootings because…

          Kids are put on behavior-mod drugs that may dispose them to these “cleansing” behaviors.

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