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2 Replies to “German doctor in despair over the fake virus that makes real tyranny”

  1. What is happening right now “Corona scum” is will affected our children and grandchildren future big time , I can’t believe people are so brain washed to the core , .. stupidity don’t know the borders , this doctor is absolutely right , biggest scum in the world history, Merkel you will burn in hell ..

  2. The German doctor is right. If the coronavirus had anything to do with medicine they wouldn’t be dead-set against giving at-risk people hydroxychloroquine in the early stages of the disease. As it is they obviously want to make the effects of the “pandemic” as damaging as possible and have no interest in making it go away or anything like that. It’s all about Donald Trump in November and the almighty Paris Climate Accord that Trump snatched out of Obama’s cold ex-presidential hands. Climate Change is the spike they want to use to drive through the West’s chest and Trump had the nerve to call it a “hoax”. They are just aching to get their hands on those Green trillions they see dancing before their corrupt little eyes and four more years of the bad orange man will absolutely screw up everything for them, the evil duplicitous murderous mendacious little bastards…

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