Yes! Sweden got it right! It is OFFICIAL

And yet in the rest of the formerly free world…

It would be good to know if the actual hospitalization or death rate at or near Mt. Rushmore went up after Donald Trump’s event there. NOT the case rate, which we can safely say means nothing at all, since no one has any faith left in case rates after all the reveals on them. Because if the rate of deaths or hospitalizations made no significant spike after Rushmore, never mind all the rioting around the US, then the Democrats and world-leftist leaders are doing this to us all to maintain a theatre-of-fear for political reasons. And they should be punished for that proportionately.

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  1. then the Democrats and world-leftist leaders are doing this to us all to maintain a theatre-of-fear for political reasons. And they should be punished for that proportionately.

    That is why they are doing all of the Bull, they know they can’t win unless they can succeed in placing all of the blame on President Trump. The thinking people are watching what they are doing and understand that the Dems don’t give a damn about the people and are willing to let people die to achieve political power. The problem they are facing is the way more and more people are understanding their tactics and they are turning against the Dems.

    People are turning against the Dems, while I was in the VA one Nurse ask me what Harris was going to do when she realizes what a slime ball Biden is? She was shocked we I said that her comments in the debates shows that she knows what Biden is and that her accepting the VP slot on the ticket with him running for Pres says she doesn’t care.

    One final thought for you to ponder on. Think about how we all know Biden won’t be running the Country during the brief time he will be President (if the Dems manage to steal the election) his handlers (swamp rats all) will be running the country. Kamala is not qualified to be President this means that Biden’s handlers choose her for VP so they could continue to run the US after Biden resigns. The Dems not only want to change things so only a Dem can become President they want to set it up so the Bureaucrats in the Swamp will be running the US and the elected officials will be figureheads with no power.

  2. Is the Piper ever going to get paid? Is Hillary Clinton going to get popped for the first-degree Murder of Muammar Gaddafi, the intentional destruction of Libya, criminal malfeasance in the Benghazi case, and the mishandling of classified documents? I saw Joe Biden on video using his position as vice-President to extort the Ukrainians over his son’s no-show job with Burisma Holdings. Why isn’t he in jail? I saw him do it for Christ’s sake! And all that end-running of the FISA regulations has got to be worth ten years in Fort Leavenworth if not about thirty. When does the hammer fall? Are they all going to walk away unscathed?

    And finally, is the beloved Dr. Fauci going to pay for his constant disingenuous opposition to Hydroxychloroquine, with his “gold standard” studies that never happen, and his unreasonable discounting all the common-sense “anecdotal” reasons there are to use the stuff. Fauci and his buddies have literally murdered thousands of people through their intentional personally-motivated “incompetence” and in a just world they would be doing life sentences in a Federal Super-Max for mass-murderers like Ted Kaczyinski, the Green River Killer and Richard Speck. If the People ever wake up and actually get it that the Democrats imposed the entire “pandemic” on them and then exacerbated it on purpose as a means to hurt Donald Trump they are going to be PISSED…

    No kidding! I’d like to see Fauci get a few of those “only-in-America” 250-year sentences to be served concurrently. Yeah, 250 sounds about right…:)

  3. Lets start with Biden, he has deteriorated to the point he isn’t mentally competent to stand trial. The defendant has to be mentally competent enough to help his lawyers in his own defense, Joe fell past that point a long time ago.

    Hillary: She is guilty of a lot of things but the question is can they find enough evidence to use against her and prove the case. There aren’t many people who will testify against her or Bill.

    Fauci: We would first have to prove that he knew he was lying and that he knew there was likely that people would die from his actions. Proving either would be difficult and then they might have to be able to prove that he lied to cause the deaths. While I would think negligent homicide would be possible against the Governors and Mayors who ordered Wuhan Flu infected people into nursing homes I am not sure that the same could be done with Fauci. The US legal system is suppose to be set up so that innocent people don’t get sent to the pen, the idea is that it is better if 10 guilty people get then that 1 innocent person get convicted. Granted the Obama administration broke the law and sent innocent people to the pen a lot but if we are to restore the rule of law we have to apply strict standards on what we can do against assholes like Fauci.

    I don’t like that the openly evil politicians and their minions in the US are probably going to avoid prosecution much less prison time. I don’t like it but will swallow that if it will restore the rule of law. What I am scared of is that there will be enough evidence to try and convict a bunch of the bigwigs but that they will not be indicted because they are bigwigs. This would/will help the left destroy the nation.

  4. Fauci may be guilty of conflict of interest, given his position on corporate boards of Big Pharma. Shake the family tree, you’ll find insider trading. These “non-profit” public health NGOs seem to be untouchable. Slush funds are running in the billions.

    Overnight windfalls for executives of companies with nothing to sell. Ones with “promising research” spiked the Dow for a day, then crashed when the findings proved “disappointing”.

    That spells massive profit-taking. From the ether. Including members of Congress.

    They made A KILLING.

    With Fauci, though, money is the least of it.

    He’s a freak, a Frankenstein who gets off on the ethical borderline. When the U.S. terminated gain-of-function research into these viruses, he saw to it that the work continued – in the LEAST secure lab in the WORLD. Wuhan, flagged as unsafe by the French company that built it.

    PTrump has made a series of bad appointments, his worst [only?] flaw, IMO. Though a political novice, he’s anything BUT naive: He uses certain dubious characters because their flashiness appeals to him. It’s his style.

    Political generals look good, but turn out to be incompetent and disloyal. Not only did they damage us abroad (e.g. Mattis, McMaster), and at home (Kelly, his silly girlfriend at Homeland Security), they damaged the POTUS politically.

    But none of them has been as destructive as Fauci.

    Open source information. Ten minutes on any search engine except Google. Fauci and the team he put together had more red flags than ChiCom Xi.

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