More mysterious than informative collection of news and events: Links 1, August 20, 2020

1. Democrat “heart now solidly with the Republican party”

2. Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton on the crazy policies based on the opposite reality

3. Hard to argue that the Democrat party is not actually deconstructing America as it has been since the Revolutionary War

4. This could be very interesting. It APPEARS to be regular Dutch folk, and not youth, chasing off an undercover squad of police related to some new insane restriction on basic liberties under the rubric of Covid. We sent it to C. to see what he thinks of it and what he can find out.

5. Somali Man Who Torched Two Norwegian Churches Says It Was Revenge for Quran Burning

The immigrant from Africa who set fire to two Norwegian churches, damaging one of them to the tune of $2.2 million, said he was grateful for the reception, but could not tolerate his religion being “trampled upon”.

A Somali citizen residing in Norway who set fire to the Dombås Church and the Sel Church in February 2020 has admitted his guilt in court, claiming he was upset over a Quran burning that, according to him, went unpunished.

The man is in his 20s and resident in Nord-Gudbrandsdalen, where both churches are located. He arrived in Norway in 2015 and first lived in an asylum shelter until receiving a residence permit. So far, he has not had a job in Norway, but has had several internships across the municipality.

By his own admission, he took action after he saw members of the anti-Islamic organisation Stop the Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) burn the Quran in the city of Kristiansand in the autumn of 2019.

“I got angry. The Quran means everything to us”, the accused said, as quoted by national broadcaster NRK.


6. Dr. Bill Warner: “Use the word Kafir”

7. German dog owners will be ordered by LAW to take their pets on hour-long walks twice a day under new regulations

German dog owners will be ordered by law to take their pets on hour-long walks twice a day under new regulations. 

Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner will introduce new legislation in the Dogs Act to ensure people take their animals for substantial walks rather than short trips around the neighbourhood.

She said the law is based on evidence that many dogs in Germany are not getting enough exercise on a daily basis, the Guardian reported. 

(A truly stellar example of how communists use public sympathy and false flags to enact laws that give government massive powers that their constitutions would never allow for. As much as we may love dogs, and many of us do on this site, this law is patently insane and really just makes dog owners now subject to government scrutiny at a whole new level.)

8. More President Trump goodness


Thank you Johnny U., M., Hellequin GB., ML., Richard, and all who sent in materials and links today and this week. More to come.

By now everyone is aware of Steve Bannon’s indictment by a NY AG. Two things to keep in mind. There is an election less than 3 months away, and then this:


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9 Replies to “More mysterious than informative collection of news and events: Links 1, August 20, 2020”

  1. 7. German dog owners will be ordered by LAW to take their pets on hour-long walks twice a day under new regulations

    This is nothing less than pure bullying and humiliation – nothing else. This is ordering everyone to paint their bare asses blue and thank them for the privilege as they laugh themselves silly. This is pure nasty primate dominance shit and that’s the truth. Ordering people when to and how to walk their dogs? Really?

    You know, modern governments should be reminded that just a few years ago the People of Egypt literally rose to their feet and went out their front doors in their tens-of-millions and personally destroyed the Muslim Brotherhood Leadership of Mohamed Morsi (poor lamb died in prison) without any votes or anything else – just the power of everybody getting up and insisting at the same time. The People screamed, “You can’t do that to me, you BASTARDS!!!” It can happen if they are pushed far enough (defund the police, for instance? How about tear down the borders?)

    Personally, I’d like to see Nancy Pelosi in an iron cage at the Town Gate shivering in the wind as the crows gather ’round… Uh, and how about Mr. Big Ears in the other cage…? 🙂

  2. 4 – This is an interesting development, the ordinary people are standing up to the politicians and saying that the country belongs to them and that the police don’t tell them when, where they may assemble or how many people are allowed in one group.

    Brad Johnson and the Lawyers indictment. The indictment of Steve Bannon is in retaliation to this indictment, it is designed to warn the Attorney General and his people that there are people in the Department who will indict them if they continue to bring the Mueller thugs to face a Judge.

    • You’re probably right about the Bannon case. I would be interested in knowing what the law says about “go-fund-me” cases and if there is typically an allowance for “handling expenses” or something over and above the money donated to the cause. People are surprised when their favorite charity keeps a huge percentage of the money but is still in accordance with the law when they do. Are they required to give all the money for the cause or can they charge for setting the thing up…? The whole thing could be smoke and mirrors…

      • I haven’t read the US Code on the Go Fund Me type of charity but the older types allow for a large percentage of the donations to go for 1) operational expenses, 2) salaries for the workers and 3) advertising for more money. If the older types of charities are allowed this the newer types should be also. The AUSA in the Southern District may be taking advantage of the fact there (probably) there has been nothing written about what is allowable in the Go Fund Me charities and is using that as the excuse to harass Trump Supports.

      • He’d better be squeaky clean.

        It would be pure arrogance, having seen how everybody connected with PT is run through the wringer. If he cut any corners, that’s on him.

        He could’ve remained an appendage of the Mercer clan, but he recognized a winner in DJT. That’s what catapulted him to global eminence. PT’s coattails have a price; that’s been abundantly clear from the start.

        It would be terminally sloppy to grift on Build-the-Wall donations.

        • We will have to wait and find out what the specifics are, I agree that it would be stupid to grift on building the wall. I also know that the US Tax Code is so complicated it is impossible for people to not break some portion of the code.

          • He can afford lawyers.
            – Those not alienated from the way he abused PT’s trust.

            His Chinese billionaire buddy – Guo, the self-exile from the PRC?
            He’s a crook. A ruthless oligarch as bad as any that hightailed it out of the collapsing Soviet Union. They looted like Mongols.

  3. I like all your takes on Bannon, guys. I watched him make mince meat of one of Canada’s eminent intellectuals, David Frum, in a debate. He destroyed Frum and was quite brilliant. Frum presents as a conservative but he isn’t. I hope Brad and Eeyore are right on this–tit for tat.

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