Looking at the anti-Covid measures in The Netherlands, and the hostility by the public over them

This is a series of links to articles and videos sent in by C. who has a firm grasp on many things Dutch.

Thank you C for compiling all of this:

English language article:


Police in The Hague said they arrested several people at a protest against the Dutch coronavirus rules after they were attacked by demonstrators. One officer was injured in the incident, police confirmed in a statement. Separately, four more suspects were interrogated in connection with violence at a June anti-coronavirus measures rally also in The Hague.

It was not clear what led to the confrontations between protestors and police at around 2 p.m on Thursday. “We have acted because several protesters behaved provocatively and aggressively towards the police,” police said. […]

(These do not look like all Muslims or Africans or even ANTIFA or leftists. Its quite a mix of people in on this)

“Youths” riot in three cities over Corona regs

Riots ‘highly counterproductive”, Justice Min says

Rioting and unrest in three Dutch cities in the past week is highly counter-productive, Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus said on Thursday. The rioting surprised many, and was believed by some to have been born out of youth frustration, boredom, and anger related to government rules in place to stop the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus.

“This is not tolerable. We have a social issue, coronavirus, which no one has asked for. We are trying to solve it as best we can,“. Grapperhaus said. “The last thing you should do is riot, [and] commit vandalism,” he said, according to newswire ANP.
Grapperhaus called the unrest in Amersfoort, The Hague and Utrecht anti-social, saying that it was not only young people involved in the criminality. “I also see guys aged 30 or 40 walking in between,” he said.

The minister was set to speak with the mayors of those three cities next week to determine if the national government could offer more assistance.
On Wednesday  a third person was arrested for inciting riots in the Kanaleneiland district of Utrecht. The 21-year-old from IJsselstein is accused of using social media to rally people to cause trouble in the streets, the Public Prosecution Service said.
A 17-year-old from Utrecht was also taken into custody for throwing rocks at police and setting off fireworks during the unrest. He was found using closed-circuit video images.

Mixed bunch of people drive off a squad of undercover police”

Same video


Right before the police took off:

This was across from the Binnenhof / parliament.





C. adds the following observation. A surprise to no one, but its good to see how consistent all our formerly representative governments are across the Western World:

This is not the first such protest, but looks like the biggest yet.
looks like police had carte blanche, they beat people with truncheons.
Interesting how the vice-mayor ordered them to hold back during the muslim riots the last few days, at least in Utrecht.
Interesting indeed. Freedom for thee, a truncheon for me.



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  1. “This is not tolerable. We have a social issue, coronavirus, which no one has asked for. We are trying to solve it as best we can,” Grapperhaus said.

    Well there’s your problem. Coronavirus is a medical issue at best, not a social one. Stop trying to make it a social issue!

    • Yesterday I went in several stores, I never wore a mask, some people looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, three young guys took their masks off, most people just smiled, some nodded and nobody said anything to me.
      While waiting in a line one woman said “Did you forget your mask dear” and I said no, I am not going to wear one, they do not protect you, just stir up fear. She agreed but left hers on and that was OK with me, we all need to do what we need to do. Others lowered their masks somewhat.

      Now if people would quit using those disgusting hand sanitizers, life would be normal again. People come in the door, squirt that sh*t on their hands and then proceed to pick over the vegetables. Grrrrrr

      • I went into a store with no mask, and a woman 10 feet behind me in line actually leapt many feet the other way when I turned to walk somewhat sort of in her direction.

        Another place I went had a bottle of that crappy mix of alcohol and aloe they call “hand sanitizer” and instructions that said: First scrub with the sanitizer before entering, then come in and go straight to the bathroom and wash your hands.

        I decided not to bother going in.

        Canadians now are more about virtue signalling and obedience to irrational authority than to rebellion or independent thought.

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