Nine Coronavirus Legal Issues – Know Your Rights

I am only 10 minutes into this 110 minute video of lawyers and doctors discussing the legal and medical ramifications of the regulations as a response to Covid 19. Most of the measures imposed by political authority is NOT LEGAL, and many measures, such as forbidding use of life saving medications (HCQ) is UNPRECEDENTED. So we have to post this now, even though its mostly sight unseen.

Topics include:

(1) Stay-at-home orders
(2) Professional liability coverage
(3) Right to prescribe off-label, and its necessity
(4) Prescribing off-label for COVID-19
(5) Interference by pharmacy boards and medical boards
(6) Interference by the FDA with tests, ventilators & medication
(7) Rights related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
(8) Telemedicine
(9) Permanent loss in liberty due to COVID-19?

Thank you EB

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  1. AAPS attorney
    about minute 47 or 50 goes through steps that an elected prosecutor (?) would use to charge a governor with negligent homicide should the official forbid access to care with dire result.
    Earlier, suggests incorporating into the medical record names and lic #s of pharmacists who prevent access to care. The physician informs the pharmacist of the action to give the pharmacist time to reconsider the decision.

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