Facebook is the enemy of truth, not just of non-communists: Links 2, August 20, 2020

1. Ezra Levant speaks with whistleblower who busts Facebook for censoring material which affects elections, even in Canada

2. Goodyear employees get lectured on what opinions and thoughts are acceptable, and what is not

3. More indictments to come. (WARNING: Fast talker)

4. This is surprising

5. Police in the Netherlands seem to have a very different set of standards for muslims in terms of law enforcement.

(for a truly excellent and thorough look at the rioting in the Netherlands, please search the Reader’s Links post for the past week for any and all posts by C. He has provided links, and English and Dutch language articles detailing the riots as well as lots of videos.)

6. Mail in ballot fraud caught, causes forced new election in NJ.

7. French prosecutors claim Sudanese ’16-year-old boy’, who died trying to reach England on a blow-up children’s boat is actually 28

8. Israelis solve problem of incendiary balloons used to set fields on fire within Israel, damaging crops and economies.

(Taking out balloons, depending on the colour) can be done with an 80 mW hand held laser even. At some point they could make it a kid’s game.)

9. One begins to wonder if the whole thing about a weapon from a Chinese lab was attempting to manipulate people into believing this thing was dangerous enough to justify the unprecedented power grab by leftist governments. Not saying it wasn’t created in a Chinese lab, it almost certainly was. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t appear to be worse than an average flu season, and thats even if the numbers we get are accurate, and we already know they are grotesque overestimates.

10. Rebel Media: New Canadian Finance Minister new leader of the Alberta Separatist movement

Thank you Johnny U., PC., C., Wrath of Khan, ET., EB., Richard, M., ML., and all who have contributed in any way this week.

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2 Replies to “Facebook is the enemy of truth, not just of non-communists: Links 2, August 20, 2020”

  1. 3 – Let us pray that there are a lot more indictments coming down, and that the indicted are all ready to cut deals and testify against the higher ups of the Dem Party. That is what we need to drain the swamp.

  2. “2. You can wear BLM slogans but not MAGA, ‘All Lives Matter,’ ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ or ‘White Lives Matter’

    Daily reminder that the left hates you – They are at war with you & will go to any length to harm you”

    The Far Left, uses The Left; (those right-brained persons who do not have an ounce of left-brain “I Am Who I Am” – made in the Image of God – in them). Because they are fatherless. The Left, are everyone imprinted by the world. Like the duck that hatches and thinks the fox it sees, is it’s mamma. If a new-born is put into the hands of the nursery – to enable an independent single girl to work – the State imparts the fear of isolation for life through punishment The drive for Socialism, is terror of abandonment. Anyone espousing independence, the code-word for alone, or describes a soul as a spirit that does not marry or have any attachment to 72 virgin sex-slaves for Eternity, is the enemy.

    We are dealing with flesh and blood, and a femaled mind full of resentments. For there cannot be a superior Black Race, whilst there is a white one. Because by definition, Black comes from white. They are trapped. Their devil follows them everywhere until.they destroy whites in their final solution and still will eat their own by being blacker than blacker in an inverted apartheid of preference. Just as Germans believed they were the most superior Race, and once had the Jews living amongst them, or the muslims having the True Religion, while the children of Isaac once lived amongst them.

    Pride only makes intellectuals think they are smart. Innocence in religion, family and sex, shows they are dumb.

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