The CBC is enemy propaganda

Notice how this is clearly a propaganda piece on both Government ultra-vires regulations and measures concerning Covid 19, as well as HCQ even though it would be a very safe bet that the top people at CBC are on HCQ or have it handy for themselves and the parts of their families that they like. There is no attempt at balanced reporting or even a look at the science, all of which at this point shows that the lock downs and other unprecedented measures are not needed (Denmark and Sweden seem to prove that to varying degrees) and that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment. CBC simply discredits anyone going against the narrative while building up anyone with it.

This is not news. Its Soviet compliancy information warfare.


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  1. Notice the exaggeration: she said there is no need of a vaccine, not that it is untrustworthy (how could she tell?). How are other doctors’ patients put at risk by a dissenting voice? Why don’t they stop listening to the lying WHO and find out who has success in treating Covid 19?

  2. True fascism
    Worse than Salem witch trials
    The masses have all taken the cool aid
    Only a small faction of High IQ individuals able to see through this
    Like this doctor
    But the risks of her speaking out are loosing her license

    The mass bullying of the public to destroy dissenting voices
    Look what happened to Jordan Peterson for refusing
    To take the koolaide regarding the lefts new unsubstantiated biological
    Classification system of gender
    Which is utter nonsense….but it almost destroyed him…

    This doctor is 100 percent correct in her tweets
    This virus is like herpes
    Over 75 % of populations worldwide have this dormant in their bodies
    Covid is similar
    Present, no symptoms
    Or very minimal
    Like any flu, which is what this is, when weak, old, or otherwise ill
    Get any type of flu or respiratory infection… it is most often fatal

    This is world hysteria
    Every flu every year is a pandemic

    Stats are being fudged for funding

    We are the serfs in this feudal push to bring us into line
    Hydroxychloriquine works to reduce flu symptoms
    And to prevent
    No vac necessary


    This is all political
    To bring back global focus
    Get rid of Trump
    And reestablish the move to left
    China at the head of world order

  3. The doctor didn’t mean that the not-yet-developed-vaccine would be ineffective, she meant that there is already a cure for COVID-19 so the need for a vaccine is mitigated. What a bunch of lying propaganda. And you know what? Pretty well every fellow-Canadian that I know is utterly unaware that the Government is constantly lying to them and is curiously proud of being wrong about everything…

    I cannot carry on even the simplest conversation with a Canadian. They are all so hopelessly misinformed while being proud of their self-righteous ignorance that there is simply no common ground for us to stand on. From Climate Change to school-bullying to Donald Trump being a racist they live in a left-wing fantasy world where every problem is made-up BS and real problems get ignored completely…

    These people want to make it against the law to say that hydroxychloroquine is effective against the virus. They want to put you in jail for saying it. Unbelievable…

  4. Comments are turned off on the video; otherwise I’d post the links to the Hopkins and Yale pages that include HCQ in the in-patient treatment protocol. Dr Risch felt that HCQ would help in out-pt treatment. The doc in BC sounds as though his idea of evidenced-based clinical decisions is when he and the CBC get to choose the evidence. No wonder he has to resort to making accusations on national television–how did the CBC find him? That story interests me more than the broadcast itself.

    • New Brunswick treated all patients early and fast with HCQ and had ZERO DEATHS. Funny how Canadian media never reported on that. The Premiere is a conservative.

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