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3 Replies to “Italian farmer can only keep pigs now, as illegals squatting on her land eat ALL other animals including her dogs”

  1. This is beyond gross.

    Poor woman. Maybe she should release a few herds of wild boars on her land. That may have drawbacks too, but it’d keep the savages out.

  2. Until you have worked in Africa you can have no understanding of the mindset there. The line between humans and animals is much more blurred than you could ever believe.
    The point of “The Good Samaritan” was that everyone else stepped over the body as this was the norm before Christianity and still the norm for much of non Christian Africa and the ME(Israel apart) and certainly in rural China. The rest of Asia has been westernized slightly WRT altruism but do not count on it.

    • You’re absolutely right, nobody that lived and worked in Africa has NO FUCKING IDEA about this people, especially their mindset.

      Her place looks like my Front Garden every Friday – Saturday when the Farmworkers get paid and the Township residents stream into the village to go “shopping”.
      I live in South Africa by the way.

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