Bank St. Ottawa: Silence (on the part of non-Marxists) justifies violence against them by the “BLM” revolutionaries

VladTepes has written on this subject before. On how the narrative has escalated from, “Speech is violence”, which is the Marxist justification for attacking anyone that speaks against the pseudo-reality of Marxists, or any position they may take at any given time. An example might be saying that there is a difference between biological males and biological females. Many people have been attacked in one way or another for taking this rather obvious position.

But since the death, likely due to a massive overdose of Fentanyl of George FLoyd, the Marxists have moved to the next position. “Silence is violence”.

Now, those who do not verbally support the position of the Neo-Marxists, (at this moment using the beard, “Black Lives Matters”) justify a violent response from the communist revolutionaries we see across the West at this time.

It must be understood that this is indeed signalling a real escalation. From you may not oppose us in words, to you must not fail to support us in words.

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6 Replies to “Bank St. Ottawa: Silence (on the part of non-Marxists) justifies violence against them by the “BLM” revolutionaries”

  1. Compelled speech.
    And look how Jordan Peterson was persecuted for merely refusing to use conjured pronouns!

    What comes next?
    ~ YIKES ~
    l? ‘il?ha ‘ill? -ll?hu…
    muhammadun ras?lu -llah
    blah, blah

  2. Thank you VERY MUCH for this observation, Vlad. Because this is not nothing. Thousands will walk by this poster daily on that street without grasping the significance you bestow it.

    They are explicitly telling us their intentions, without equivocation. Once the kinetics engage there will be little explaining required. We told you so.

    Real estate values are set to drop.

  3. You are right, it is getting ready for major kinetic action against all who oppose the communist revolution. Things are going to get real nasty all over so keep you musket clean, your powder dry and your bug out bag packed.

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