Young German man makes some interesting observations about the state of Germany today

This fellow is very bright and really interesting. But he speaks very quickly so for those of us that do not speak fluent German, focus. Be prepared to read quickly.

A lot of what he refers to is what we typically avoid as “insider baseball”. Material that is so deep in the minutia of the workings of that nation or party that it holds no general interest. But to long time readers of this site, many of the refrences he makes are to people we have covered in the past in some detail. For example, Thilo Sarazin. A man who was head of the Bundesbank for some time in Germany till his open rational comments about immigration and Islam ended his career.

He then spoke at universities under heavy security but eventually got cancelled. We may restore some of his videos over the next weeks as time permits.

But one of the references in this young man’s ‘rant’ was about how ANTIFA cancelled a woman Cabaret artist. This was interesting enough to alert Oz-Rita to it, who watched some of her material and felt it was quite brilliant, subtle push back against the state communist mandatory narrative. And for this, ANTIFA made sure she was cancelled out of a large performance. This is all detailed in the top video.

One of her performances, which has content that likely got ANTIFA excited about her in exactly the wrong way, is posted below.

It should be understood that ANTIFA has been directly and undenoiably linked as supported and funded by Merkel, her party, and teh Green Party as well as Die Linke, the Left party in Germany.

THis means that Merkel, the actual chancellor of Germany, is using an anti-state to enforce a communist narrative entirely outside of law and any kind of state procedure as people expect to be governed.

Thank you Helleuin GB for the herculean task that translating this first video must have been, Oz-Rita for scanning the material of this wonderful Cabaret artist, and translating one of her bits. And Gates of Vienna for the editing on these, as well as all the videos we title.

The Cabaret performer:

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  1. My goodness when does he draw breath? I was interested in what he had to say but by 3:40 it was all merging into a stream of babble. He needs to invest in some media coaching, learn to slow down, when to raise or lower his voice, pause etc. Reminded me of the film Amadeus where the Arch-Duke said to Mozart, “too many notes, too many notes”

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