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2 Replies to “How racist is the UK now?”

  1. When was this? The London Olympics were in 2012, surely?

    But in answer to the question: most officially approved bodies in the United Kingdom are institutionally racist.

    Poor old Lutalo Mohammed, eh? So thinks the BBC. Still, it’s big of him to “have no problems with” the fellow whose place he’s taken.

  2. Does this mean that I, as an underweight shortish (by BB standards) white guy, will be selected to represent Canada in basketball?

    I have no doubt that the average high school FEMALE would make mince meat out of me on a basketball court, but hey, screw talent and ability in this brave new world!

    I can’t wait for my Olympic medal!

    Retarded doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’m not sure that even Apartheid South Africa was this idiotic. (And the Maori fixed those guys nicely.)

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