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9 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Israel next in Turkey’s crosshairs”

  1. Erdogan seems to think that he’s the New “Suleiman the Magnificent”.
    Although, this time he has a lot of Bashi Bazouks already strategically placed all over Austria and Germany.
    To me it looks that Vienna has already fallen without a shot fired.

  2. For a long time the Dems have been pushing the idea that if the US would just pull back to North America and disarm peace would reign around the world. They (the Dems) have succeeded in creating the situation where the US must concentrate on our internal problems and with luck on one of the wars that are starting.

    Which external enemy do we concentrate on China or Turkey? We have to concentrate on one while letting the other be handled by other nations. I say we concentrate on China while giving as much aid to Israel, Egypt and the others who are fighting Turkey as we can.

    The Dems have created the perfect storm for WWIII and now all of us must pay the price for letting them get so much power.

    • Not only the Dems.
      Some of our fine feathered Libertarians sing in the same choir. Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul (father of Sen. Rand Paul) have been funded and promoted by the Kremlin. Fine “antiwar”, America-First critters.

  3. Brad needn’t go so far as to call Erdogan Hitleresque, though I fully understand why he says this. The Turkish mindset is a bullying one. You beat your wife as quickly as you beat your dog. I know this is a generalization, but it is my direct experience with Turks I have known, and the absence of rebellion by the people of Turkey against Erdogan, that supports this. Erdogan must be dismantled, limb by limb, starting with his country’s NATO membership.

    • You are right, that should happen ASAP but it won’t, using good sense in stopping wars is something the left will never allow.

    • This filthy Turk is a genocidaire.
      For once the term RACIST is le mot juste. In the extreme it’s absolute, horrific.

      I’ve been watching him for about ten years now. His mental framework – as translated precisely by MEMRI, not euphemistically rendered for Western consumption – is Hitlerian. He is as profoundly racist as the Twisted-Ragheads of shitte-flavored Islam. See Andy Bostom for a thorough analysis of that species.

      The systematic dehumanization of whole classes of people goes beyond standard Islamic supremacism. Clean/defiled, final solution, extermination. Purging of bloodlines, quest for Lebensraum. Shocking stuff.

      THAT’S why giving him free rein to ethnically cleanse the Kurds is abhorrent. Though few observers picked up the nuance, it’s not about “killing communists”. It’s a stated intention to wipe out Untermenschen. THAT resonates among those of us who never forget.

      Which is not to indict ALL the people of Turkey. Splendid Volk admired the Fuhrer, no doubt. That does not reduce the threat their elected leader poses to the civilized world.

    • “The Turkish mindset is a bullying one”. May I clarify dear Sir — “The Turkish mindset is an Islamic one”.

  4. The Turkish army *is* a match for the Israeli one, BUT:

    1) I don’t think that they’re capable of projecting force so effectively outside of their borders (in either case), so a direct attack is a no-no.

    2) If they were able to show up at the border via the help of a neighbouring country (unlikely), I think that the Israelis would nuke them.

    The trouble with Turkey is that it uses its NATO membership as a shield against retaliation. Imagine, for example, in scenario 2) (above) where the Israelis nuked NATO member Turkey (for perfectly justifiable reasons). The structure of NATO would change as a result, with at a minimum Turkey being kicked out of it. It’s hard to imagine a full-on NATO assault against Israel in retaliation. That unlikely scenario would probably see Israel finding the Russians to be very very friendly all of a sudden, but I can hardly see it happening even at the levels of Islamization common in the West today.

    • NATO has lost this ally.
      Economic ties remain strong and will serve as a pull factor for the various govts, including the USA. And the complexion of Europe, the hybrid Turko-Euros, may change the equation. But I doubt they’ll consent to become clients of Neo-Ottoman Turkey.

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