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11 Replies to “Brad Johnson: The unsolicited Chinese Seeds”

  1. LOL. He answered his own question. “Nothing is being done to stop it…They’re just allowing it to go forward with no response.”
    They want to know how alert and willing to defend ourselves we are. Now they know that each state’s own agricultural board is following up, but the Fed is slower to do so.

  2. You’ve never heard of this piece of WWII history because
    1) the Allies suppressed news of the successful Japanese “drone landings” on the West Coast so as not to provide feedback to the Japanese on the accuracy of the method and trajectories.
    2) the U.S. pinpointed the origin of the balloon-bombs and destroyed the factory.
    A country with slave labor can afford to package anything. A country that counterfeits currency can falsify shipping labels. Maybe some people did pick up the “packages” from their local embassy then–with outside coordination–placed the stuff (seed envelopes?) from the packages into our mail system.

    The Mitchell Monument marks the spot near Bly, Oregon, where six people were killed by a Japanese balloon bomb during World War II. Designated by the National Register of Historic Places in 2003, this is the only place on the continental United States where Americans were killed by enemy action during World War II.

    Between November 1944 and April 1945, Japan launched more than nine thousand balloon bombs—experimental weapons intended to kill and cause fires. The balloons, each carrying an anti-personnel bomb and two incendary bombs, took about seventy hours to cross the Pacific Ocean. Three hundred sixty-one of the balloons have been found in twenty-six states, Canada and Mexico.

    The balloon bombs were 70 feet tall with a 33-foot diameter paper canopy connected to the main device by shroud lines. Balloons inflated with hydrogen followed the jet stream at an altitude of 30,000 feet. …

  3. Also, now the Chinese know how stupid we are to discuss this in the press etc. We are too stupid to know we are already in a state of war with them. When a possible Trojan horse rolls in we stupidly provide feedback on accuracy and our reaction. If we (the US) located and destroyed a Japanese balloon-bomb factory during WWII, we must have a huge intelligence and coordination hole if we don’t respond soon this time. All of the media reports provide an indication of our response timeline. We are already a month behind.

    • I wonder if all that stuff we used to hear about in the 90s where DARPA used ULF to create earthquakes and weather control…

      Hey how’s the 3 gorges dam doing?

      • Cracks are appearing in parts of the Dam, they are expecting more rain upriver and expect the water level to raise.

      • They are having earthquakes upriver from the dam and a lot of people in China are worried that they will have one near or at the dam. The dam is suppose to be capable of withstanding a 6.8 quake but given what has come out over the last few months few people expect it to be that strong.

    • The balloon bombs were unguided and the Japanese had no idea if any of them were reaching the US, that was why they weren’t reported on. The seeds packets and being received by a lot of people some of whom are probably Chinese agents, they know they seeds are arriving. Since we don’t know what the seeds are we have to warn our people to not plant them of if possible handle them.

  4. On the other hand, we are fortunate that the Chinese government has no clue — had people received marijuana seeds, fewer people might have turned them in….

    • That makes sense.
      If American nationals in the PRC were receiving seeds, then what would Uncle Mao be doing to prevent that?

  5. Having just watched the Chinese version of an American film, with the English subtitles on – in case I misheard dialogue – I cannot vouch for the entire sanity of what goes on in China. They got someone who couldn’t speak English to translate English and even screwed-up common expressions.

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