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5 Replies to “Ohio bans the use of HCQ for Wuhan Flu”

  1. They are trying to kill off the elderly and unborn babies. What don’t you understand about the Democrats being Satans Demons on Earth to destroy God’s Children? Read the inscription on the Georgia Guide Stones and the first line that Bill Gates inscribed was to de-populate the world from 7.5 Billion down to 500 million, are you going to be Bill Gates Zombies and willingly roll up your sleeve to receive his mark? Oh, yeah he has already produced the patch which is disguised as a simple square that will protect you. But in reality, it is a tracking chip embedded into your skin to tag us like cattle. Firtst it was the lock yourself in, then it was the stay six foot apart, and the masks are a joke. Look around you…. you are being prepped by the deep state to OBEY their rules. Then it was the Oh my we have a Change shortage to remove all the change from society so they can roll in the electronic debit only rule where they can wipe out every man woman and child of any wealth with a stroke of the key board.

  2. Since when do pharmacists tell doctors what they can and cannot prescribe? I thought the hierarchy went the other way ’round. Aren’t doctors the last word when it comes to things medical?

    This is obvious election tampering, not medicine. The more people die and the worse hydroxychloroquine is made to look the better the chances of people voting for “change” and dropping Trump. It could well work, unfortunately. It’s just like something a truly ruthless dictator would do. I can’t believe the Democrats have jumped on this murderous evil tactic so enthusiastically…

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