HCQ, Enemy propaganda and the NYT and more: Links 2, July 22, 2020

1. Its starting to feel like a serious moral obligation to report all there is on the grotesque politicization of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid, since the enemies of non-leftists are willing to kill so many to lie about its usefulness and mandate AGAINST its use.

2. UN Watch: Cuba tries to block UN speech by Oswaldo Paya’s daughter

3. Curious how many mistakes there are around Covid reporting as it steers never before done, draconian policies in the West.

4. Team with Canadian military intelligence unit data-mined social media accounts of Ontarians during pandemic

A team assigned to a Canadian military intelligence unit monitored and collected information from people’s social media accounts in Ontario, claiming such data-mining was needed to help troops working in long-term care homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

In some cases, the data collected involved basic information about the long-term care facilities. In other cases, the collection involved comments made by the public about the provincial government’s failure in taking care of the elderly. That data was turned over to the Ontario government, with a warning from the team that it represented a “negative” reaction from the public.

Add this to the item from the other day…

And consider that an anonymous source explained to me some time ago that the military had installed at very high levels, “Equity officers” who’s military acumen was lacking but facility with Maoist mass line movements (applied political correctness) are superb. All this adds up to a Trudopian Chavezisation of the Canadian military. Turning the armed forces into a political tool for the advancement of Marxism in Canada, rather than a force to defend it from enemies and all the usual things a military does for a nation state. Requiring all military personel to stop using any sex indicative pronouns may seem like a silly sort of change to the military, but its important to understand that Marxism works by forcing language that shapes our thoughts and makes criminals of those of us who resist. So this is a pretty solid data point as well.

5. Diana West on Secure Freedom explains how in fact, today’s events are indeed a communist insurrection.

6. ISIS remains the ‘most significant’ threat to the UK, warns Defence Secretary as he reveals RAF have bombed 40 terror targets in the past year

ISIS remains the ‘most significant’ threat to the UK, the Defence Secretary has warned today.  

Ben Wallace said an estimated 360 people from the UK who travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for the terror group, also referred to as Daesh, remain in the region either at large or in detention.

RAF aircraft have struck 40 terrorist targets as part of operations against ISIS in the last 12 months.

(I wonder how much China paid him or threatened him to get him to make that insane estimate of threat to the UK. GB Doesn’t even seem to have the ability to refuse to install telecom equipment made to spy on them and all citizens. Compared to China and local communist insurgents and organizations like The Fabians and Runnymede at this point, the Islamic State is ants at a picnic.)

7. Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran to Strike Back at US in Response to Assassination of General Soleimani

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei underlined Iran’s determination to show proper response to the US crime in assassinating General Qassem Soleimani.

According to official website of Ayatollah Khamenei, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mr. Mustafa al-Kadhimi, met with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, Tuesday.

The following is an excerpt of the statements Imam Khamenei made at this meeting:

“Iran has never had and never will have any intention to meddle in Iraq’s affairs. Iran seeks a dignified, independent Iraq with its territorial integrity and internal unity and cohesion protected.”

“Iran is certainly against anything that weakens Iraq. The U.S. outlook concerning Iraq is exactly the opposite to our outlook because the U.S. is the enemy in the true sense of the word and opposes an independent, strong Iraqi government elected by popular vote.”

8. With the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point. As clear as day in this clip. Read the signs.

9. China orders Christians to take down crosses, images of Jesus; worship communist leaders, not God

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, poor Christian villagers in China have been ordered to renounce their faith and replace displays of Jesus with portraits of Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping or risk losing their welfare benefits.

Religious liberty magazine Bitter Winter reports that in April, officials with China’s Communist Party visited believers’ homes in Linfen, a prefecture-level city in the northern province of Shanxi. While there, they ordered residents who receive social welfare payments from the government to replace crosses, religious symbols, and images in their homes with portraits of China’s communist leaders.

(“And the state shall be unto like a God that bestrides the land” – Hegel. Interesting how if it was a Muslim country they would also have to take down the pictures because its both Shirk, and idolatry and all worship must be for allah and allah has no partners. Either way, no depictions of Jesus.)

10. Here is the next movie on the list of must-see

This appears to be an accurate treatment of the narrative criminal, Walter Durante who in no small part was responsible for the murder by starvation of millions of Ukrainians. He did so by writing lies in favour of the Soviet Union for the New York Times. But here is something i did not know about Durante. Like Alinsky and Marx himself, he had a taste for Satanism.

Born in 1884, Duranty had become a disciple of Aleister Crowley in 1913, joining with the self-appointed Satanist messiah in Paris in opium consumption and “sex magic”. Crowley’s motto was “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, and Duranty seemed to have followed this immoralist maxim throughout all of his life. For the elite of Übermenschen — to which the British-born, Cambridge-educated journalist imagined he belonged — morality was a fetter to be cast off.  Anything was permitted, truth was a fiction and a superior few were entitled to live “beyond good and evil”. When Duranty described Bolshevism as a ruthless creed he may have been praising, not condemning it.

Thank you M, Rich, Johnny U., EB., ET., Ruth Jones, Yucki, Wrath of Khan and MANY more who’s steel is being annealed by these times.



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  1. 1. Its starting to feel like a serious moral obligation to report all there is on the grotesque politicization of Hydroxychloroquine

    That’s right! The mainstream media including Fox is talking about hydroxychloroquine in the past tense as if it’s a part of history and soon to be forgotten when it is in fact the only known cure for the Coronavirus and to not point that out to people is akin to murder. If there is a poisoned well and I just sit there saying nothing as thirsty travelers come along I am a bloody murderer. Are you listening Dr. Fauci? Your lies are killing people and the money you think you’re going to make is not worth it…

    • Not to pick nits Chris, but my analogy would be that people in danger of death by dehydration come upon a perfectly excellent well of cold water and are told by all authorities in the area that the well will make you sick, its cursed, and may even kill you and you had best be on your way.

      Meanwhile, every one of those authorities have been seen under cover of night drinking deeply from that same well.

      • lol… That’s about right. But either way it proves to me beyond any doubt that Fauci and all the rest are all in on it and it’s one big fat hoax from start to finish.

        The truth is that people like me are quite susceptible to fatal illness from any type of flu that comes along, including COVID-19, but they’re making it look like the pneumonic plague or smallpox. All the social distancing and the masks and the closing of the stores is just like in the Western when the bad guy fires at your feet and says, “Dance!”, and all the other bad guys laugh horribly… “DANCE BOY, DANCE!!!”. What a bunch of perfect swine…

        Oh, and they’re not just telling you the well is poisoned, they’re threatening you with fines and even prison if you drink it and they’ll ban you from Twitter if you speak the truth…

      • Are you telling me that if I get the virus and go to the Vancouver General Hospital that I will not be able to get hydroxychloroquine? Really? Do I just get the morphine and the free trip to heaven when I get tired of suffocating? Is it actually against the law in Canada to use HCQ on COVID?

        • Someone needs to remake the movie, Drugstore Cowboy, except that its with honest hard working people that are elderly and suddenly realize the world has turned evil, and they rob drugstores for things they need to survive and on the way out, they leave the actual retail price in cash on the counter.

        • I think that’s the case here, Chris.
          My Advanced Directive is already on record. If it’s the hospital – beyond supplemental oxygen at home – it’s too late. Call the burial society.

  2. If isis is such a great threat to the uk,why is the administration so keen to allow self confessed murdering jihadis back into our country?

  3. Item 7: Like China – take-down of Christian crosses is all they have left to fight against Trump’s economic wipe out of its economy, very angry leaders. They’ll say anything just to vent their anger although they all know they are no longer in control.

    I particularly enjoyed Trump’s shutdown of China’s Houston (Texas) Embassy where they they spent the night burning documents, as if the FBI doesn’t already have copies.

    Let’s enjoy foreign reaction as well as that of Democrats all the way to a massive Trump victory, come November.

  4. 10 Looks like a very interesting movie! Kudos to the director, most wouldn’t touch this with a 10 ft pole. Unfortunately, Lenin’s, Stalin’s and Mao’s propaganda still echo around the world, and the enormity of their crimes aren’t really common knowledge.

    Some remarks.
    “The Ukrainian famine was manufactured in Moscow as a by-product of the Soviet need for hard currency”: that is only part of the story. Yes, the soviets sold grain to finance industrialisation, but why then wasn’t the rest of the country hit by famine? The answer is that Stalin wanted to break Ukraine, more specifically the “kulaks”, ukranian farmers who resisted collectivization. There’s also speculation that he didn’t like Ukranians, but tbh I think he hated everybody. And Russia had a long history of treating Ukranians like subhumans.
    As for selling grain, Lenin already did that. The West would then send aid to help with the subsequent famine. He also sold that aid, with glee.
    Mao was the champion of this type of policy. He did this already during the civil war, probably in order to impress his patron Stalin (who called him “insubordinate but effective”). After he grabbed power, he used rice as a diplomatic tool. He tried to buy influence with his food shipments, the only thing he could offer. It didn’t really work, except maybe in Albania.
    Since Mao felt he wasn’t taken seriously as a world power, he started a nuclear programme, and tried to build a sub fleet too. The Kremlin indulged him for a long time and gave him tech, until they realized Mao would never reciprocate. Relations soured and Nixon made his move, and allied with Mao against Russia.

    • Under Nixon, Mao’s image was whitewashed in the West. Nixon’s daughter even wore a Mao button in public.
      The US government did the same for Stalin during WWII (“Uncle Joe”). Agencies like the FBI infiltrated editorial boards and even Hollywood. It may be this kind of propaganda that still reverberates in the west, not the agitprop from the Kremlin and Beijing.
      Later, western (US, in any case) media were mostly silent on the crimes of the Khmer Rouge regime. It was a chinese puppet that fought a proxy war with Vietnam, so best look the other way while 25% of Cambodia’s population was murdered.
      During the 30s, the Nazis were allowed to censor Hollywood’s movie scripts. This cancel culture was allowed by the US government, which didn’t want to antagonize the Nazis too much. Few people know about this.

      • “as Lenin’s fondness for American-style production methods and Stalin’s obsession with breakneck industrialisation demonstrated, the Soviet project was always to turn Russia into a modern western state.”

        A very interesting remark. Such modernization movements existed before, Peter the Great is mentioned, I think Catharina. The same happened in Turkey (Ataturk) and Japan (Meiji restoration) for example.
        I wouldn’t call it “westernization”, because it was selective. The regimes behind these movements wanted the wealth and power that “western” economies produce, but fought off liberal ideas about democracy, freedom of speech, rule of law, human rights etc. Such ideas posed a threat to their rule, so counter-narratives were created.
        These (often visceral and nebulous) ideologies also borrowed from the west, but exclusively the anti-liberal strands of western thought. Romantic nationalism, fascism and later nazism were definitely influences on people like Bose, Nasser, Saddam Hussein and al-Qutb. I think traces of this can still be found in jihadi thought.

        Margalit and Buruma wrote a little book on this subject, “Occidentalism: A Short History of Anti-westernism”, highly recommended.

    • The Kremlin indulged him for a long time and gave him tech, until they realized Mao would never reciprocate.

      They’re really not natural allies, are they?
      Buddy-buddy PR they’re pushing now isn’t convincing.

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