Mike Pence delivers a syringe full of distilled truth


Here is the other side’s claims

But Mr. Biden may have a real criminal scandal in Eastern Europe to deal with…

Thank you Marcus Z.

At this point we need to call this thing he does a ‘Bidenism’. Sort of like a cross between Yogi Berra and the Marquis de Sade

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    • Am I going crazy or didn’t we all see a very clear video of Joe Biden doing the exact thing that they falsely accused Donald Trump of doing then went on to actually impeach him over? Isn’t that the very clip they show in this video? Are we going to see the head of the FBI tell us all that he’s guilty as sin then say that no sane prosecutor would indict him for it like they did for Hillary Clinton after ruining their greatest general for committing an offense about one-tenth the severity?

      Joe Biden is on video threatening a foreign government using his position of Vice-President as a weapon in order to protect his son from being investigated for taking a no-show job from the Ukrainian gas company? It just doesn’t get any clearer than that. I don’t know how Biden can withstand what’s coming…

  1. 2 Videos: “Biden Begs Muslims for Help Beating Trump”
    By Assistant Editor – July 21, 2020


    Omar’s signature on the endorsement letter expands on her statement last week, via Twitter, that she would vote for Biden…

    … It was a dramatic about-face from her earlier denunciation of Biden as being the wrong candidate during last year’s Democrat primaries.

    Video 2
    “Ilhan Omar: Biden not right candidate for ‘progress we all want to see'”
    Guardian News – September 23, 2019

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