Brad Johnson on the Democrat State Senator attacked by the communist mob

Brad discusses the Demcocrat State Senator who got attacked by communists under the BLM or ANTIFA label and why that should not surprise anyone.

So here is an unexpected datapoint for the overall hypothesis.

The couple who the media has been attempting to destroy and humiliate in public for defending their own home, the one where prosecutors and politicians are swearing they will find a way to prosecute them for defending themselves against the communist mob; the couple who Tucker Carlson defended so eloquently and passionately on his show last night (and rightfully so) are lawyers who defend BLM and ANTIFA and are hard core leftist elites. Oh yeah.

The Western Rifle Shooters link above is a worthy read from a tactical perspective as well.

Meanwhile, about the couple:

You could almost hear the narrative being crafted in liberal newsrooms. The white couple who scared off lefty trespassers in St. Louis was about to be poster kids for every garbage ‘woke’ narrative under the sun. These clowns forced their way onto these people’s property.


They were trespassing. That’s illegal—a key aspect of this story. The property belonged to Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who came out armed with firearms to deter these lefty agitators from the premises. Mark was sporting an AR-15 rifle, which surely triggered liberal America. This was a case of self-defense. To make things more interesting, the McCloskey’s are actually supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. This lefty mob was marching on the house of Mayor Lyda Krewson, a Democrat after she released the names and addresses of locals who are for defunding the police department:



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6 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the Democrat State Senator attacked by the communist mob”

  1. “To make things more interesting, the McCloskey’s are actually supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.” Right until – it affected them.

    Liberals: Freely giving your money.
    Leftards: Freely enjoying your money.
    Marxists: Freely owning your means to make money.

  2. The Western Rifle Shooters Association article is about forming a neighborhood militia and they need someone with training to help them set up their plans.

  3. Your point about the first round of murders being a cleansing round of murder is well taken and they may well decide to take out any politician(s) that have been supporting them but seem to be wavering in their support.

    As Brad says there are some of the Dems who are fully supporting and are tightly joined to the antifa movement, the others like Pelosi Schumer and others are thinking they can ride the Tiger to victory. If they aren’t part of the cleansing murders at the beginning they will be on the list to kill once the communist control the US.

    The Dem politicians have let the insurrection grow to the point where I don’t see how there can be any type of a peaceful ending. The Mob is in control of portions of the US and are moving to take greater control of larger portions. The invasion of a gated community in St. Louis shows that even the self proclaimed elite are not safe and that the mob doesn’t respect anyone no matter how much they have been supporting the mob. They haven’t yet seized control of the US and are already trying to create “The Terror” of the French Revolution.

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