Vote to keep police in schools and lose your job in Canada: Links 2, June 25, 2020

1. UN workers boosting employment around the world in exactly the way Trudeau does with SNC Lavalin

2. I would ask all readers of this post to please familiarize yourselves with this case. A woman was beaten to death savagely by a muslim in Ontario and the system may have been rigged to let him walk free.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg stuns communists by voting with Americans on Supreme Court to put a check on the “rights” of illegal immigrants to the US.

(Article from far left perspective)

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt a severe blow to the rights of immigrants and refugees in a that determined the government can fast-track deportation of certain asylum-seekers without allowing them to appeal before a federal judge.


In the decision stylized as Department of Homeland Security vs. Thuraissigiam, the court’s conservative majority collectively denied habeas corpus and due process relief to a Sri Lankan national who feared persecution in his home country. Liberal justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer concurred in the judgment.


The majority opinion, penned by arch-conservative Justice Samuel Alito, represents a victory for the Trump administration’s efforts to expedite removal of asylum seekers who fail their initial asylum screenings.

4. More statuary and history destroyed in the US

(Official notice: All white communists who removed the statue should know they are free to right the wrongs as they see it, and move back to Europe, or the communist country of their choice. I suggest North Korea so no one can call you racist for moving to an even formerly white country. Also Libera is nice any time of year. Eritrea is also Marxist and you can live with the extended family of the head of the WHO. All blacks who want to destroy America as it is now, know they are free to move back to anywhere in Africa and help make those nations great. Lord knows they all need that badly. East Asians? China is already communist. They could use some help bailing water right now. Muslims? There are dozens of countries where varying degrees of sharia should make you feel much better than living in the US.)

5. Canada, not wishing to be dropped from the vanguard of criminalizing truth, has asked for the resignation of a school trustee for linking refugee kids to the violence they do in Canadian schools.

An Edmonton public school trustee has resigned after linking refugee children to violence in schools.


Cheryl Johner, the Edmonton Public Schools trustee for Ward A, made the comments at the end of a lengthy meeting Tuesday focused on the future of school resource officers (SROs) — a controversial, decades-old program that deploys city police officers to local schools.


Ward G trustee Bridget Stirling had brought forward a motion asking for an independent study of the SRO program following concerns about the impact armed police officers have on marginalized students. While the board approved the review, a motion to suspend the program pending its outcome failed on a tie vote. Johner opposed the motion.


“My mind goes to the number of refugee students that come into our district that are from wartorn countries, that have never known school before arriving here,” Johner said via video conference. “All they’ve known is violence. When those students — sometimes — enter our schools, they can be violent there as well.

(One way to make sure the vote to ban police goes through, is to get rid of the people who vote to keep them there)

6. Vancouver school board trustee under fire for saying Caucasian kids are a visible minority

Calls for trustee Fraser Ballantyne to resign have surfaced after he said that “Caucasian kids are actually the visible minority” during a Monday night Board of Education vote.


The mob has set its sights on a Vancouver School Board trustee after he opposed a motion to remove police liaison officers from the district’s schools. 


Calls for trustee Fraser Ballantyne to resign or be removed from his position have surfaced after he said that “Caucasian kids are actually the visible minority” during a Monday night Board of Education vote


“You know, when you look at it, the Caucasian kids are actually the visible minority, so, when we get a sense from the population of our secondary schools and winter schools I think it’s really important to hear what they have to say about it, and their feelings of the relationships that have been developed over the years,” said Ballantyne. 

“I think a number of trustees would be very surprised at the value of what their connectedness is to this program.”

(See a theme here? Both school officials opposed motions banning police.)

7. This is refreshing. An AfD member of the Bundestag actually dares suggest that migrants etc. shouldn’t be able to pick their gender because, well you can’t just pick your gender and it makes women vulnerable to predatory men who claim to be women for access to vulnerable areas. I wonder how long till he goes to jail.

Beatrix Von Storch is always one of our favorite speakers in the German legislature.

Thank you M., RAIR Foundation, M., ET., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Johnny U., Gates of Vienna, EB., and all who made the effort to stay informed and send in links this week. More is coming and sadly, its worse news.

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  1. Oh noes-
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    Guilty of entertaining a white woman, one who derives benefit from gifted black men.

    Even worse, they quench the thirst for dark humor amongst farrr rrright Zionist bloggers.

  2. 3. “Sri Lankan national who feared persecution in his home country.”

    He was free in Mexico. And then he wanted to enter the world’s most racist country.

    The mind of a Socialist
    Fantasy driven
    Steal all you’ve got
    And say it’s forbidden.

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