Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s best editorial yet

Unafraid and accurate. Of course, in order to be accurate you have to be unafraid as truth is already illegal. Not yet in statute, but in effect. Should you speak the truth  you will suffer consequences much worse than a fine or even a short stretch in jail. You will be publicly humiliated, fired and destroyed and in danger from leftist thugs forever. Your business will be dismantled and you will be de-platformed.

Nonetheless, Tucker Carlson serves truth in an all you can eat buffet in this segment. So much so many people will want to sell their livers for pate.

In this, Tucker explains how this is what we all know it is. A communist revolution. And it must be taken a lot more seriously than it is.

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3 Replies to “Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s best editorial yet”

  1. Tucker is calling for public recognition of the communist revolution that we are fighting against. I don’t know if it will be politically possible for PT to admit this is what is happening before the election. We know what is happening but must wait until the backlash from telling the truth won’t prevent PT from fighting for out survival as a free nation.

  2. Last night I attempted to have a small-talk conversation with one of my neighbors and was amazed by how utterly clued-out the average gets-their-news-from-the-MSM person is as well as how effing tired I am of dealing with it. They think they are informed but they have everything wrong. It’s as if we are living in different universes and the glaring differences in knowledge make “conversation” a virtual impossibility because the MSM simply omits news items that might help the conservative cause and amplify the hell out of stories that help the left. Like, regular people don’t actually know that Trump never said, “All Mexicans are murderers and rapists.” or that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and the KKK was Democrat – facts they never seem to know, just like the fact that Trump has never said anything “racist” or anti-Semitic or anti-gay in his life and that his daughter and her family are Jewish and Islam is definitely not a religion of peace and hydroxychloroquine is being slandered by the WHO because they are enemy spies and they hate us, or a million other things like that…

    That’s how they are setting up the coming civil war. When it gets to the point that half of the country is unable to even be in the same room as the other half of the country let alone the same army because their knowledge-bases are so different, then the war will surely start spontaneously like so much white phosphorus. How can a group of people function in a workspace when they can’t even chat at the watercooler without violence breaking out and shouting and punching? I already know I will never try to talk to that neighbor again because there is no point. How is anybody going to talk to anybody from now on if we can’t agree on anything…? And no, Judge Kavanaugh did not rape Professor Christine Blasey Ford and Trump isn’t being run by Vladimir Putin and the Vostok ice-core samples don’t say what you think they say and the FBI and the whole Democrat machine is now as corrupt as Tammany Hall ever was. Get it right you MSM pinheads!

    It’s so depressing to see young people, especially so many angry girls, ready to fight to the death over things that are nothing but fantasy – things like “climate change” and “rape culture” and “systemic racism” and “far-right white supremacists” or “pay inequity for women” or “Black Lives Matter”. It’s all bullshit but they are ready to pick up a gun over it. It’s so distressing and so effing unnecessary and so darned diabolical of those oh-so-clever little lefties…

    • Well said, Chris. It’s stifling. Especially for a conservative in Canada or Western Europe, I think. You have a real knack for wrestling the truth from minutia. Thanks.

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