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8 Replies to “Mayor of Seattle asks police to retake the station in the communist occupied section of that city”

  1. And when the police have to kill communists to retake that zone she’ll throw them under the bus.
    If you were a policeman would you put your life on the line for this Mayor?

    • You got it, she has already taken the tasers, tear gas and pepper balls away from the police and now is expecting them to retake the section of the town she gave to the communists.

      She is helping the radical left start their race/civil war, the protests were starting to die down and now she is sending her police into a major firefight that will restart the protests/riots. At this late date there is no good way to handle the problem, it should have been stopped at the beginning, now it will take a lot of violence and she may well call the police back once the shooting starts.

  2. Group setting up tents in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto.

    Black Lives Matter Toronto — A Community Forum to Organize Alternatives to Policing in Toronto:

    Abolish prisons and jails

    Abolish And Dismantle Police


    Amazing BLM can raise 1.5 million.

    Has Justine or Christians had lunch recently with there BFF?

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