Seven disturbing news items suggesting rule of law is at best, suspended: Links 1, June 23, 2020

1. Lifesite News 10 minute video questioning the forces and money behind these riots. Protest? Or revolution. Glad someone noticed besides all of us.

2. Should we be more surprised that some Canadians actually are resisting government tyranny? Or that they ever submitted to it?

(Let’s hope all Canadians fight for their most basic freedoms the way these fine people are)

3. Communist orthodoxy.

4. German Security Agency Warns Far-Left Political Assasinations by Antifa Groups ‘No Longer Unthinkable’

The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) has sounded the alarm over the increased level of violence from far-left Antifa militants, saying murders of political opponents are now possible.


According to the German security agency, far-left extremists have become more radical to the point that “the development of terrorist structures in left-wing extremism” is now a real possibility.


The 22-page report, which was obtained by German newspaper Die Welt, adds that “even the step of deliberately killing a political opponent no longer seems completely unthinkable”.


The agency specifically notes several groups within the far-left scene in various German regions which have become more radicalised and have closed off from many in the broader far-left. BfV said the left-extremists are “committed to their own facts, and split off from the rest of the scene due to their increasing willingness to use violence”.

5. Dinesh D’Souza says:

6. Police launch investigation into Burnley football fan who chartered a plane and flew White Lives Matter banner above Etihad stadium over racially-aggravated public order offence as his engineering company probes his conduct

(There is no equality before the law anymore and its been that way in the UK for many years now. If he flew a BLM banner, he would be up for a knighthood.)

Police today launched an investigation into a Burnley football fan who chartered a plane and flew a White Lives Matter banner above the Etihad stadium as he faced being charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence.

Jake Hepple, who has posted in support of the EDL and been pictured with its former leader, Tommy Robinson, claimed responsibility for last night’s stunt and wrote on Facebook: ‘I’d like to take this time to apologise… to absolutely f***ing nobody!’


Lancashire Police today confirmed it was investigating Mr Hepple, from Colne, as his employer, an engineering company in Burnley called Paradigm Precision, said they were investigating his conduct and would announce any action soon. 

The Suicide Squad, a group of far-right Burnley fans, are believed to have crowdfunded the flight, which flew over the stadium just after players had taken the knee for Black Lives Matter. 


Sources close to the police investigation told The Telegraph that those involved could be quizzed over a racially-aggravated public order offence related to the message, rather than the flight itself.   

So Stadium patrons, who pay to see the game, are forced to pay for a political statement by the players where they all take a knee and thats not a crime. But the banner overhead…

EVEN the PILOT is being investigated. If anyone can find a video of the flyover without people condemning it, please send in the link. All the videos Youtube shows are condemnatory.

7. A few tractors took care of the DC “Autonomous Zone”

LIVE Feed: Washington DC. At this moment police are bringing water to protestors who reply with contempt and derision.

Thank you all for these important glimpses into what we face. More to come.


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6 Replies to “Seven disturbing news items suggesting rule of law is at best, suspended: Links 1, June 23, 2020”

  1. 4 – Political assassinations are no longer unthinkable, well duh! They are inevitable, the left is increase the level of violence and the next step is political assassinations. The targets will be non left political leaders, non left reporters or editors all wealthy business owners and entrepreneurs. Eventually they will add all celebrities that don’t publicly support the lefts attempt to destroy all of history and morality.

    1 – We all know Soros is the Puppet Master behind the Dems in the US and probably Labor in Canada, the trick is to gather the evidence needed to prosecute him for his attempts to overthrow our governments.

    3 – The destruction of all of history and culture has always been part of the leftist tactics, if the facts of history are known the left can’t win and the culture is built our of our history. You can’t destroy one without destroying the other. The same is true of the morality that the left is trying to destroy, this has come from our religious history and that must be destroyed to destroy the morality, which must be destroyed if you are to destroy the culture.

    5 – Well Duh! Once again the trick is to get the evidence to take him down, I have hopes that the Durham investigation will get that evidence but also have doubts that any written evidence still exists or that any witness will survive to testify against him.

    We are trying to restore the rule of law in our nations and to do that we must remain inside the law while we are fight against the communist insurgences. It is highly probable that before the civil wars are over we will be forced to use the tactics of the left and do more damage to the rule of law. When this time comes remember the US Constitution isn’t a suicide pact we can’t let the enemy win no matter what the cost. The survival of freedom is the priority, the rule of law and civilization can be rebuilt as long as we remain free.

  2. 1. Soros’ Open Society


    All Communist prison-nations say these same things: ‘the democratic people’s republic of… death camps.’

    “Every year, the Open Society Foundations give thousands of grants to groups and individuals who promote our values…” (Just like Islamic aid is only for themselves).

    Because the only fruit of vibrant inclusive democracies is: freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, carry a gun and freedom to associate with whom you want.

    But they do not advocate for this, because only one nation in the world does this: America. And they want to replace it in order to destroy it. (Like muslims seek to totally replace Jews).

    muslim to Christians: “We are just like you.” And Christian countries have perished.
    Communists to Useful Idiots: “We are just like you.” And Useful Idiot countries have perished.
    Sexuals to Housewives: “We are just like you.” And there are no more housewives having they-themselves removed husbands and become dependants on the State.

    Open Society “We are just like you.” An guaranteed, there will be no open society. What little you had, given by your ancestors, you threw away.

    • Satan offering working-women the better alternatives:

      muslims: “we’re the man!”
      Com-mum-nists “you’ll never need a man!”
      Sexuals: “we’re got your man!”

      John Galts left the building, from these hos who voted their own demise under these ruthless totalitarian masters.

    • So what does it all mean?

      That the very nature of a child has been tinkered with All that evolved, to be free and natural, has become locked. Sustained by envy, judgement and rage.

      White Privilege, Monogamy, Capitalism, are their enemies.

      The pain that will never go away. The most destructive to themselves. Psychopaths and sociopaths. Dom and Subs:
      And so on.

      Labels of submission, have to prove how much greater they are.

  3. #6 At times like this, sarcasm, humor, satire, and irony are more important than ever. Why would the pilot and sponsors make themselves vulnerable to censure and harm? Do they not realize the peril?
    posting again the re-
    sits lady

    Ach — this other tweeter actually gets the humor. (I doubt that bots thus far can do such mind-acrobatics.)
    Replying to @ResitsTrump
    It could have all been avoided had he just celebrated Chinese New Year…

    • Name of the stadium is ETIHAD.
      That’s the big UAE airline, so it must be property of the UAE.
      The name means “together” or “all in one” according to my search engine.

      The UAE, like all Arab nations, regards Blacks as Slaves. That’s literally what they’re called. How’s that for irony?

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