Brad Johnson on Trump’s success in retaking the VOA for US interests

President Trump does have a lot of victories. Many or perhaps even most of them are not even reported by friendly news services. Many of them are not sexy so to speak, but are important none the less. This is an example of those unnoticed victories.

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4 Replies to “Brad Johnson on Trump’s success in retaking the VOA for US interests”

  1. I must be hungry.
    A sunny-side-up fried egg sizzles on the skillet. We cooks know that it presents a luscious — not yet firmed — yellow center surrounded by a wide-rimmed, just barely solid, white halo. If perchance we plate it wrongly, the underside of this clearly-defined one yellow and white polka dot will be seen on top now as white and brown-crisped striations. A bit crunchy but not so beautiful as the yellow and white single polka dot.
    Nothing at all like the sunny-side-up creation for which we labored.

    The left overturns all its sunny-side-up fried eggs and makes us believe that these brown-crusted striations are the one and only true story. They/it never lets us see the beautiful deep yellow and white halo adorning the original creation.

    If only the media could understand we want to see both sides of the egg and to make up our own mind which tastes best to us. But no. The media is all about THEM and how clever they are in their childish attempts to deceive the public.

    Excellent interviews as always with Brad Johnson. They are always the highlight of my news day.
    Thank you.

  2. President Trump does have a lot of victories. Many or perhaps even most of them are not even reported by friendly news services

    You got that right, future historians will marvel at how much Trump has accomplished without anyone (friend or enemy) noticing, his victories are changing the US and making it much harder for the left to peacefully force us into a communist nation. During the coming years of chaos we will have to break the lefts hold on our educational system and on the Propaganda Media.

    Buckle up it is going to be a bumpy ride

  3. I read an article a few weeks ago about VOA and the appointment of the new guy at the top of the umbrella agency that oversees VOA. His appointment was blocked by the Dems for several months because they objected so strenuously to this sea change… The people at the top of VOA resigned because they knew they would be fired by this guy.
    The article also included several tweets from Iranian dissidents that were overjoyed with the change. They claimed that over the last decade the left wing propaganda had become so extreme that they called it the “Voice of the Mullahs.”
    As with so many other stories of late I continue to wonder how we, the USA, got to the point that people representing our country and paid by the taxpayer are able to advocate against our country’s interests openly with no disagreement from anyone really.
    It really is a wonder to me.

    • The same question can be put to every western nation and every institution within them. Slow, steady disinformation/propaganda campaigns combined with the corruption of our education systems by leftists has left us severely depleted. Now we’re down to defending the bare bones of freedom.

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