Charting the communist insurgency and pockets of resistance like Quebec: Links 2, for June 21, 2020

1. What does it look like when parody is closer to reality than news?

2. Ezra explains that only Quebec is allowed to protect its culture, and how Trudeau is trying to erase ALL of us.

3. More riot footage from Stuttgart. Lots more to come on this soon.

4. Marxist protestors demand that a statue of Churchill be brought down.

5. Police accused of political correctness after issuing an appeal for a sex attacker WITHOUT mentioning suspect was a man wearing womens clothes

Police chiefs have been accused of putting political correctness ahead of public safety after issuing an appeal for witnesses following a sex attack – but failing to mention that the wanted man was wearing women’s clothing.


Hertfordshire police called for public help after a victim was left traumatised by a late-night assault in Bishop’s Stortford in December.


But they made no reference to the attacker’s gender or appearance, saying only they wanted to hear about ‘anyone acting suspiciously in the area’. 

It was not until after a man was charged on May 27 over the assault that detectives made those details public.

Last night, campaigners accused officers of ‘a deliberate failure to properly investigate a dangerous sex offender for fear of causing offence’.

(One of the most important aspects of a communist society is the abandonment of truth for ideology. Even when that truth could be critical in saving lives or defending from attacks)

6. DOZENS arrested and water cannon deployed at ANTI LOCKDOWN PROTEST in The Netherlands.

7. Google confirms what we all already know. Huawei is a security threat. We must not use their components for 5G

[…] Talking to BBC Radio for an audio documentary, Schmidt said, “There’s no question that Huawei has engaged in some practices that are not acceptable in national security.” Schmidt now chairs the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board and states that “There’s no question that information from Huawei routers has ultimately ended up in hands that would appear to be the state. However that happened, we’re sure it happened.”

Huawei has repeatedly denied accusations like the one made by Schmidt. A statement from Victor Zhang, Huawei’s U.K. chief, once again denies that the company is close to the communist government in the country. “The allegations made by Eric Schmidt, who now works for the US government, are simply not true and as with similar assertions in the past, are not backed by evidence,” Zhang told the BBC. He added that “Huawei is independent from any government, including the Chinese government. Where we do agree, and something we’ve always said, is that applying standards globally ensures innovation, fosters competition and benefits everyone.” However, a law in China could force Huawei to deliver intelligence on consumers and corporations it sells to if requested by the government in Beijing.

8. Again, communist erasure of the past a la Winston Smith, and nothing to do with race or slavery.

9. Yet there really is a problem with violent racists in Western countries.

10. Katie Hopkins on one of the last actual news programs in the world. This one in Australia frequently gets guests that the left create a narrative of hatred towards. They speak with Andy Ngo, the German anti-Greta and all the people still willing to speak reason to communists.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Richard, Johnny U., EB., PC., Gates of Vienna, and everyone who are keeping their wits about them when reality itself is being reformatted by Marxists.



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3 Replies to “Charting the communist insurgency and pockets of resistance like Quebec: Links 2, for June 21, 2020”

  1. 9. Macys

    “This African American man beat a white employee of a Macy’s.

    “Security footage shows the attack was unprovoked.”

    “Watch the video and tell me this shouldn’t be investigated as a hate crime.”

    1. He is not African-American. Because there is nothing African about him.

    2. Security footage may show Security were not doing their job: that they were actively racially-profiling to positively look away.

    3. This shouldn’t be investigated as a hate crime – only you should be, for framing it this way.

    For what it is, is just simply someone picking on the weakest – once again – on people exactly like yourself who are trained to kiss the feet and be awed by waving sock-puppets of Muhammad, Communism, and Sexscrewality.

    “Watch the video and tell me this shouldn’t be investigated as a hate crime.”

    There is no group for him to belong to that you can racially-profile and throw protection-money at.

    You just inflated him. Your gave this bully a weapon of terror. His mind controls your mind.

    There is no place for this in any court of law – for that would be a lynching. You made him your Black Man. And he’s coming for you next to, trying to be a man after all the Welfare given to momma, and never will.

  2. Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim, Canadian leader of the terrorist group, Hibtz-ut-Tahrir, living in London, Ontario, gives his bent opinion:

    “The riots will only temporarily reduce rampant racism in the US, and once things cool down and go back to normal the racism will return-because racism *is* the normal in the Capitalist system, which intrinsically and naturally breeds racism and nationalism from its very core”.

    • Sharia Courts for Liars
      Kangeroos for Hate
      The mob released Barabbas
      Jesus to his fate

      Right, ’til proven guilty
      Process through the law
      Welfare, Housing, Subsidy
      Fed their devil more

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