Using logical fallacies as weapons against all Western thought

There is a lot of material exposing the horror behind the stories, as well as the horror of the stories today.

Of course, one probably shouldn’t see the second without understanding the first, or else one becomes part of the stream of misdirected action which is likely the intention of these events, shaped by unnamed sources, which have shaped our world this year.

Most of the policies and events of the past many years, but most effectively 2020, seem to be a deliberate reversal of the use of logical fallacies.

For example, if one reads a book or website on what constitutes breaches of logic you might notice one called, “Argumentum ad hominem”.

This is where you attack the speaker rather than the idea in order to discredit the idea by ridiculing or otherwise devaluing the speaker.

In logic of course, this does not hold. Meaning if you seek a truth, that truth exists independently of the speaker, or even his credentials. Which is a related fallacy called, argumentum ab auctoritate.

In other words, if you meet a drunk on the street who gives you medical advice, the advice itself is independent of the fact that it came from a drunk on the street. In fact, he could be a top ranking surgeon on a bender, which again, doesn’t mean the advice is correct either. you have to analyze an argument on its own merits.

The modern left imputes layers upon layers onto that fallacy such that the gene pool of the speaker affects the weight the speaker brings to the argument.

And like true communists, if you object to an idiotic argument that may be brought by a black person for example, then your questioning of the argument will be made equivalent to your being a “racist” against the speaker and his entire race.

It feels very much like the Frankfurt school tacticians read a proper book on logical fallacies and created an entire set of anti-cognitive tools based on their opposites. Tools that let them destroy reason itself in order to apply a Hegelian/Marxist system on the world And it seems to have worked so far.

In fact it’s possible that Hegel, the source of all this crazy, did exactly that as he was a philosopher and was likely familiar with Greek thought and the pursuit of truth.The rest of them from Marx to the second generation school of Frankfurt school tacticians just refined these tactics. An example below on Habermas, the second generation Frankfurt School tactician who created the means to force a Marxist consensus on the majority, then make all opposition to that consensus, “hate speech”. Which goes a long way to explain Global warming, and the labels applied to anyone who uses real science to show why all the models concerning it are nonsense.

One of the main attack vectors of Hegelian/Marxist methods is “Critical theory”. Pretty much the weaponization of ad-hominem but in every possible way it can be used. The adjective, “Racist” being the tactical nuke of ad-hominem slanders.

For evidence of that look no farther than the death of George Floyd. There is not on scintilla of evidence that the police who is alleged to have caused his death had racist motivations. Not one person has come out and said he had issues with black people or other non-white groups. But the accusation that he did was enough to set off what looks more and more like a pre-planned communist insurgency based on the accusation alone.

For a great primer on Critical theory, check out this video by Bill Whittle when he was with Pyjamas Media. He does an excellent job of explaining the Frankfurt School and the basics of communism and critical theory in under 12 minutes.

Moral inversion, the idea that the person pointing out a horror is the bad one and the people perpetrating the horror are victims of the violence of your pointing it out is another kind of rhetorical nuke. Islamophobia is maybe the best example of that.

Notice the escalation also of moving from ‘words are violence’, meaning that saying something that goes against communist objectives, like stopping Islam from deconstructing Western freedoms, to “silence is violence’ meaning that now, you must openly agree with communist objectives or be part of the tactics required to achieve them, or your failure to do so justifies our violence in retribution against you.

And make no mistake, that is what silence = violence means.

There are many more logical fallacies that have been inverted, weaponized and launched on us to destroy logic and reason as our modus. We certainly see it in Black Lives Matters actions as it is meant to replace rule of law, due process and the presumption of innocence with identity-politics based accusations.

Which also explains why up until about now, BLM actions happened after an officer killed a black suspect in self defence or at least understandably and not when it really was a racist cop. The idea is to create fresh layers of outrage with each stage so that the system itself comes unglued. What good is an autopsy if everyone thinks that the results of it are rigged for political purposes? (Yet more damage the Epstein affair has done perhaps) Or a trial if all the evidence for the defence appears to be damage control to let a “racist white cop” off the hook for a “racist murder” of an “innocent black man”.

All these actions are meant to foment contempt and distrust and hatred for the system itself. Which is why, (as what was meant to ba a paragraph or two about links to be posted) has turned into this. Its critical that we understand what’s going on or we become the useful idiots of this well strategized attack on Western thought and civilization.

Here is a link to Stephen Coughlin’s paper, Re-remembering the Misremembered Left. A detailed analysis of the people and ideas that led us to where we are now. He and Richard Higgens have written more and newer papers which deal more directly with these events and can be found here.

Re-Remembering is especially interesting to me, because it was written before the pandemic and the riots. But help frame these events in a way that allows clarity.

Thank you to anyone who made it this far. Really this was meant to be an intro for some of today’s horrors. But it went a little long. Looking forward to any thoughts or rebuttals in the comments.

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7 Replies to “Using logical fallacies as weapons against all Western thought”

  1. You have laid out the reasons that this will be a long and bloody war, one that will be hard fought until the majority of the people understand what is happening and reject the lefts attempt to impose thought control in all nations on earth. As my father always said, “Smile it is going to get worse before it gets better.”

    Looking forward the list of today’s horrors.

  2. Excellent essay Eeyore, thanks. It encapsulates the mechanics of what the average person has not fully distilled when they say, “The world is going crazy,” or anything to this effect.


    Look at this. It’s the final nail in the coffin of the use of hydroxychloroquine. This is the FDA officially declaring the drug to be both useless as well as extremely dangerous and is now banning it completely in hospitals and God-knows-where-else across the USA and probably the world. The bastards are pulling the only known treatment for the COVID-19 virus off the shelf and telling everybody to go suck an egg if they get sick, just as long as Donald Trump does not win in 2020.

    It’s a cinch that the WHO hates Trump like cancer and it’s obvious that they are behind the anti-hydroxychloroquine push and it’s obvious they are beholden to China. How can this be happening? The only known treatment for the plague is being banned. This is fucking nuts. Why are people so fast asleep? This is a deadly military attack designed to kill thousands of our people. Wake the fuck up!!!

      • Yup. And then some other drug will finally start to show some efficacy and they will let it bump HCQ off the list completely and permanently. When they wake up and realize that the “pandemic” is being made worse intentionally some people at least are going to be very angry. The mainstream media has successfully managed to completely kill the only remedy they’ve got for COVID-19 and we’re just standing back and letting them…

  4. ‘This is where you attack the speaker – rather than the idea – in order to discredit the idea, ridiculing or otherwise, to discredit the speaker of any meaningful authority.’

    Because, Socialism is a lie. It doesn’t work.

    So, the Masses must be told Love is Truth. Image is Perfection. Pride. Who would you believe?

    • Zorb removes “91% of the negative effects of radiation…” in the home.

      And this is the same for how the Far Left handle Black Lives Matter, to remove 91% of the effects of Racism imagined to them.

      Create the fear, then sell the solution.

      91% will then change the way they feel about it.

      Zorb is a placebo. ‘Kneeling Police Officers’ is a placibo. You need Democrats. Eventually, you will need Communism. Slaves who do not think they are slave with their stick/carrot, pain/pleasure, haram/halal solutions. Constantly in a state of rage and upset. With Abzorbo all around their homes and upon their sleeves.

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