Brad Johnson update on CHAZ and the Democrat Party

Brad Johnson pulls no punches in this update on the riots and taking of part of Seattle as an anarchist zone called “CHAZ”. Worth listening through to the end.

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  1. Precisely! A truly brilliant analysis! If there’s any video you watch to the end, make it this one. Great work, Mr. Johnson… I do believe you’ve got it…

  2. I believe Brad Johnson is onto something important concerning being tarred, feathered, and driven out of town. In Texas, and other parts of the west, there was a legal interest in bringing horse thieve to trial and executing them. However, many people were killed and never brought to trial. The view was very simply that some people needed killing. In places in the antebellum South extra legal groups existed that sought to pursue what was considered a valuable way of life, preserving a traditional culture and fighting perceived threats to that culture. Police were not the powerful force that they are today.

    Now, between surveillance technology, asset forfeiture, and police immunity, the concept of Constitutionally valid has been, and continues to be out the window. The emphasis is more on “enforce and control” instead of “protect and serve.” I believe the failure of focus of police to emphasize “protect and serve” emanates from a breakdown in traditional values in a way that traditional Christians tend to point to. But if you dig even a little bit, you’ll see a strong veering away from the Constitution on the one hand, at least concerning the original intent, and a false narrative invoking a Constitution that does not exist to justify our current views of police.

    There is a problem of Islam. The US has allowed peoples with a barbaric culture to come to the US who never had and vow to never have any inclination to assimilate. Many people in the US do not understand or even believe that peoples would come to the US and not wish to assimilate. It is not just Islamic cultures that today do not with to assimilate. The refusal to adopt English by people immigrating from the South is another example. However, Muslims advocating for sharia represents a challenge to the Constitution that the US legal system and political system are not ready to handle, as often demonstrated by their actions.

    It is therefore, because of the problem with Islam, easy to look the other way as more and more power and resources fall upon police, with a hope that police will protect Americans’ valuable way of life, but the Constitution too. The founders of the Constitution would certainly have disagreed with this approach.



  3. The DEA has posted for the public maps of where the various drug and smuggling cartels function in the US. In Mexico, cartels have helicopters and military weapons. If people at the DEA suspected the locations of weapon stashes in the US, would they feel safe enough to disclose the information?

    Wasn’t there a claim of a Hezbollah training camp by the Mexican side of the Rio Grande?

    I appreciate Mr Johnson’s analogy of villifying “whites” as similar to that of dehumanizing Jews (and people who had 3 of 16 great-greatparents who were Jews and so on). It struck me with the states’ work -stoppage orders that this was going toward saying we have too many of this ethnic group earning money in this business, so we are only going to allow some ethnic groups to earn money. But, it hasn’t come to that.

    What I do feel, though, is the free money–which is supposed to be a loan against future prosperity–is a backhanded pay cut to those still working and to those who had aspired to retire on a lifetime of savings.

    I try hard to find the silver lining in today’s clouds: We are fortunate that universities were not in session on campus during the May-June riots.

  4. It might work as a tourist attraction for a while. Like a zoo. Maybe NGO-provided porta-potties, tents, and foil blankets. Starbucks and Amazon, Democrat solidarity.

    Who endorse outright racism.
    How does that play outside the bubble?

    Govt hasn’t been functioning for months now, though salaries have been paid and utilities kept running. Local businesses haven’t been sustained by ‘work from home’. Most are ruined. Even if they weren’t before, they are now.

    Like burnt-out homes become magnets for bums, drug-dealers, and other criminal lowliife, this whole 6-block neighborhood has fallen to rot. Let Seattle deal with it.
    Minneapolis is not a sideshow. Same slogans, altogether more serious voices. Everything might be brought to a head here.
    To be severed completely, with a resounding THUMP.

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