Are communist made, No-Go zones appearing in the US?

No idea if this article is true or not. But the basics still matter even if this example is entirely fictional.


Truck Drivers Say They Won’t Deliver To Cities with Defunded Police Departments

As cities across the country are discussing defunding or disbanding their police departments, truck drivers are voicing concerns of safety. Seventy-seven percent of truck drivers say they will refuse to deliver freight to cities with defunded police departments.


Truck driving is historically ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In 2018, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic reported truck driving as the most deadly job in the country.


Truck drivers have spent the last year on the front line of a global pandemic and protests. Now many are fearful of what might happen if police departs disband or are defunded.


Truck drives have been voicing their concerns on the CDLLife App. After reading about their concerns, CDLLife posted a poll on the app.

We asked drivers on the app, “Would you pick up/deliver to cities with defunded or disbanded police departments? Why or why not?”


To date, 77% of drivers say they will refuse loads to cities with disbanded or defunded police departments.

(The reasons given follow at the link above and make good sense.)


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15 Replies to “Are communist made, No-Go zones appearing in the US?”

      • But in the old west, you didn’t get charged with hate-crimes if you dared to defend yourself from an attacker. In today’s climate, they would be expecting the drivers to get down on their knees and beg forgiveness from the communist racist attackers or face the possibility of being jailed for the crime of protecting themselves from communist racists who must not be touched and are always in the right…

        • For the moment, it won’t be much beyond a year or two before that changes, either the insurrection will be over (I doubt this will happen) or people will be taking care of themselves and the libs are trying to find a hiding place.

          I think it will be the latter and the left will discover why the laws were written.

  1. Germany: Arab clans declare the Duisburg district of Marxloh a Sharia zone and forbid all Kafir to enter the district – They threaten to use military weapons against infidels and police officers

    Since the arrest of S. “the conflict seems to be simmering again in Marxloh and the surrounding area,” according to investigators. The police tactic of zero tolerance, which has been applied in the area for several years, is actually working. Since 2017 with 24 “tumult situations”, the number has been reduced to eleven in 2018 and to four last year, according to the present investigation file.But in the days after the arrest alone, there were two more tumult situations in the north of Duisburg, on 19th of May and 28th of May.

    On the 22nd of May, according to the file, the Duisburg police headquarters receives an e-mail with a threat of attack and a warning that they should withdraw from Marxloh. “Subject: Allahu Akbar. Duisburg-Marxloh is our district. (…) We forbid all unbelievers to enter our district. We will expel or kill all policemen, journalists and other unbelievers with force of arms. Only the radical Sharia applies here,” the letter says. “We have procured 2000 AK-47 assault rifles with sufficient ammunition from Turkey and Russia. Allahu Akbar, kill all infidels.”

    Investigators find out that the sender’s email address belongs to a platform that hides email addresses and identities. The investigating authorities apparently take the threats seriously. The police file says that the public prosecutor’s office sees this as an initial suspicion of disturbing the public peace by threatening to commit crimes.

    • If I was the boss of Germany and I got an email like that I would send in agents with 007 Licence-to-Kill cards in their wallets and I would shoot these guys on sight. They are declaring war and deserve no quarter. No trial needed. You get them on tape talking this garbage and that would be enough for the kill order…

        • I think Mr. Obama indulged in a little remote-control drone 007-work himself.

          This really is the future, isn’t it…? I mean, killing people by remote-control with drones… They sure didn’t have that when I was a kid…

  2. Actually, the article really makes sense. Imagine what would happen to a semi with “NIKE” or “Big Screen TV” written on the side if it parked anywhere near the citizen freedom-fighters. What would the driver do if the righteous justice warriors decided to swarm his truck and nationalize all the Air-Jordans or whatever? Call the police? Hell, would you drive through a crowd of these fine aggrieved always-right citizens in a truck with “NIKE” or “Sony” or “Prime Beef” or “Coors” written on the side? You’d have to be out of your effing mind… Can’t you just imagine how happy they’d be to see you…?

    I can’t believe this… Actual criminals are actually succeeding in getting governments to shut down the police so they can be free to commit their crimes unmolested, and the mainstream media is backing them 100% and acting as if it makes sense. Unbelievable…!

  3. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that both China and Iran are facing angry populaces demanding freedom such that it has never been more necessary for them to make the West, and especially the United States, look as unattractive as possible in order to keep their people quiet. People all over the world are utterly convinced that the US is a lot like Nazi Germany and that non-white people are treated like dirt and if you can’t afford a doctor when you’re sick they let you die in the gutter…

    Are we the victims of a massive, secret, D-Day-sized psy-ops by our enemies? Are we, in fact, currently embroiled in World War III but are still waiting for the last war to materialize before we call it a war? Is the “Left” nothing more than a curse our enemies use to demoralize and erode our society and completely devoid of any “good intentions”? Are they nothing more than a bunch of mentally-ill losers playing “useful idiot” for our enemies. Traitors, no less…

    • I wasn’t able to find this on the internet, but in the 1970’s, in Franco’s Spain, the newspapers had full on features describing life in the US. The photos were from Harlem, NY’s worst days.

      • I attended the “World Festival of Youth and Students”, Moscow, 1985, and was amazed by how much anti-American propaganda there was, how many effing “documentaries”, complete with classy British narrators, there were. Homelessness, racism, crime, hatred, poverty, slums, the KKK, neo-nazis, mistreatment of women, illiteracy. America is an unbearable hell-hole – a racist totalitarian nightmare where only the rich Jews get an even break. There are thousands of such documentaries. It seemed like the most important thing on earth to them…

        Now, when I hear leftists say that it’s time for a “conversation” about racism in America or homelessness or whatever all I hear is somebody wanting to spread some more anti-American propaganda. That’s all that shit is. We’ve already had enough conversations about racism, haven’t we…? How many do we have to have? Women have the vote. Why do we have to talk about emancipation? All those “conversations” are just ways of making the USA look bad which is all they are ever trying to do…

        • When I was a young girl my parents said the U.S. is Canada’s best friend.

          My Grandmother told me the biggest threat to the world is Islam. That was a very long time ago.

          • I learned: Communism. Better dead than Red. When my big sister would appropriate my things, but not share even triffles with “The Baby”, she was scolded:

            What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine?! That’s wicked! You’re acting like a Communist!

            When the kids were fighting in the back of the car, a parent would turn around, and scold:

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