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5 Replies to “Tucker on what is a communist insurgency, but uses the methods of a cult…”

  1. This Wise [sic!] is an evil monster, vicious as a cancer.

    “My God”, say the Eastern European countries, “how good it is that their sick ‘multiculturalism’ has not yet got a foot on the ground here!”

    The propaganda machine of the MSM is running at full speed. It’s just like Orwell’s dystopian nightmares. And this planned lunacy is only the beginning..

    Nobody has explained to the poor teens that there is only one way to end the spook: to press the off-button. Young people are the most vulnerable victims of these demagogic Maxists because of their influence and instability.

    The concept of “false memory” can undoubtedly be applied to entire collectives. If you talk them into self-hatred long enough, they will go out and devastate their environment and resources.

    • Borderline disorder and autoaggression are typical symptoms of a diabolic guilt complex. If one does not want to commit suicide, the psyche of the indoctrinated will respond with a perverse “soliarization” with their oppressors, as known from the Stockholm syndrome.

  2. “Solidarization” of course. (In contrast to solidarity, it does not mean a state, but a process https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/solidarization)

    It is interesting that so far there is no English Wiki article about the term “counter-public”. A typical Marxist model of thought that leads to the infiltration and internal decomposition of entire societies, to the revaluation of all values. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gegen%C3%B6ffentlichkeit

    In the meantime, this process has progressed to such an extent that, with regard to “liberal” Western societies, one can rightly speak of internally hollowed out, seedless shells.

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