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3 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the Secretary of Defence defying a request by President Trump”

  1. Thank you for delivering the insight I need, a peek behind the curtain, so to speak, to keep my prayers targeted and specific to the dangers we face from our enemies. Between Brad Johnson — and Vlad Tepes, Stephen Coughlin, Diana West, and Sundance at the Last Refuge, I have the data necessary to bring my entreaties to God for His mercy, protection, and granting of wisdom and courage for our government leaders, and especially for our president.

    I’m thankful also for the work of Project Veritas.

    Lastly: God rules all things for the benefit of His church.

  2. There is chatter/speculation about some major event happening in Washington DC this weekend. Hope it is nothing.
    Washington Mayor cited in speculation.

  3. I have been calling antifa and its affiliated groups the Dems militia for a long time, if you watch what is happening and who is protecting the antifa people it is obvious that there is a close working relationship between the top leaders of the Dems and of the top of antifa.

    As for the Sec of Def publicly slapping the President he has to go and he has to go fast, every active duty person who is thinking knows this. You may disagree with the President and you may privately lobby against some policy or orders but publicly you salute and say Yes Sir.

    We have entered into the kinetic phase of the Coup/civil war that the Dems want us to think is a race war. The last time we were in this situation the rebellious faction resigned their positions and went home to organize a new country so they could wage war on the US. This time they are remaining in the Government and doing all they can to sabotage the programs designed to save the US.

    This is going to be a long and bloody fight, keep you musket clean, your powder dry, your bug out bag packed and your bug out routes mapped and scouted. When the band starts playing the bug out boogie don’t hesitate, grab you bag and run.

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