Brad Johnson on ANTIFA and Muslim/Kurdish communist groups who train them: from October 2019

This is an excerpt from an interview with Retired CIA Chief of Station, Brad Johnson done in October of 2019.

We are reposting it because this look at ANTIFA training with Kurdish communist groups should now resonate with more people than it did at the time.

Perhaps more people are willing to accept who these communist insurgents actually are and what they are willing to do.

Perhaps tonight we will restore the entire interview. But this segment has most of the relevant material.

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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson on ANTIFA and Muslim/Kurdish communist groups who train them: from October 2019”

  1. Thank you for reposting this portion of the interview, I have been reading and watching so many articles and reports about how antifa is just a bunch of Collage Age losers who are living in their moms basement who will faint if they are faced with a real fight. They have a hard core of trained blooded combat soldiers who are training and directing the new recruits in their first riots experience. The coordination in the timing, combat tactics and in their demands shows a well organized and semi tightly controlled group of organizations that are turning into the Brown and Black Shirts of the 1920s and 30s Germany. They are dangerous and will become more dangerous as the civil war continues.

  2. Some years ago Antifa and Kurds killed a politician from the Party DIE REPUBLIKANER(Split from Bavarian biggest Party CSU).He was in a Restaurant.They saw him and stabbed him.

    There is also a video with a german ANTIFA at the YPG in Syria.YPG is better than ISIS but also communists and they get there money from Drug Dealing in Germany.

    Im sure the NSU killings in germany had to do with it.Its OFFICIAL that at 27 crime scenes NO DNA was found from the 2 Nazis.Also all people sayed first at some killings they saw much more brown people…some killed persond were involved in Drugs before and the families cant say from where they had so much money…

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