Who is paying ANTIFA? Why are Blacks rioting in Sweden? Links 1 for June 4, 2020

1. Anyone wondering where Obama comes down on all this?

Former Obama Intelligence Official Helps Secure Bail for Molotov Cocktail-Throwing NYC Lawyer

A former Obama administration intelligence official who worked in both the Departments of State and Defense has guaranteed bail for a human rights lawyer accused of firebombing a police vehicle in New York City.


The former official, Salmah Rizvi, told a judge the alleged firebomber is her “best friend.” Rizvi, now an attorney at the D.C.-based law firm Ropes & Gray, helped secure the release of fellow lawyer Urooj Rahman by agreeing to be a suretor for her bail. That means Rizvi is liable for the full cost of the $250,000 bail if Rahman fails to obey the court’s orders.


Rahman was released to home confinement over the objections of government attorneys after her arrest on Saturday for throwing a lit Molotov cocktail through the window of an NYPD vehicle. Evidence presented by prosecutors included images of Rahman holding a Molotov cocktail in the passenger seat of a van that was later found to be full of the necessary materials for making the explosive devices.


U.S. District Judge Margo Brodie acknowledged the strong evidence against Rahman, who was also accused of distributing the incendiary devices to other rioters, but agreed to grant her bail due to the “willingness of family and friends to sign on as suretors,” according to a report from Law360.

2. Sweden:

How many Black people did Sweden import in order to have people to complain about treatment of black people in that country? Worth remembering that most of the non-Swedes their risked their lives to illegally enter that country because it is such a better life than the place their own people ruined that caused them to leave. With the US, there is the pretence, and at this point it is a pretence, that Africans were forced to leave their homes and brought to the US. But in Sweden, Canada and pretty much everywhere else, they risked a lot to break into these countries. To borrow from the Bard: “Sharper than the serpent’s tooth, the ungrateful immigrant”.

Once again we see that with the left, the point is never the point. The REVOLUTION IS ALWAYS the point.

3. And in that exact spirit:

BLM rioters attack statue of Polish-American hero Tadeusz Ko?ciuszko in Washington DC despite his efforts to free slaves

Despite an imposed curfew, Washington D.C. saw intense protests and riots due to the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis, with vandals defacing a statue of Polish-American hero Tadeusz Ko?ciuszko with Black Lives Matter graffiti and slogans directed against U.S. President Donald Trump.


Ko?ciuszko, a colonial war hero who was active supporter of American indepedence from Great Britain was targeted despite his


Security services managed to remove several of the protestors from Lafayette park in front of the White House, but many of the protestors behaved aggressively.

RMF FM radio correspondent Pawe? ?uchowski shared a video in which Ko?ciuszko’ was being vandalized:


“This is how Tadeusz Ko?ciuszko’s statue in Lafayette park was destroyed. This protest has nothing to do with a peaceful manifestation. Now, the statue is covered with vulgar phrases addressed at President Trump. The statue was also spat and urinated on. Shocking.”

Ko?ciuszko was not only a supporter of democracy, a brilliant general, and a supporter of American and Polish independence, but also a fighter for the rights of ethnic and racial minorities. In his will, he had given away a part of his fortune to buy out and free several of Thomas Jefferson’s and other slave-owners’ black slaves.


Both the inexcusable nature of George Floyd’s death and the “irresponsible” nature of mass gatherings in the Netherlands that followed in its wake can both be acknowledged at once, Prime Minister Mark Rutte asserted on Friday during a press conference, in which he announced an easing of restrictions for European tourism. “The images from the US are very intense. What happened there is unacceptable, but it is not only in the United States. Here too, people feel that they are not part of the dream and do not fully count,” Rutte said.


The comments mark the Prime Minister’s first public statement on the issue following four mass protests across major Dutch cities this week in reaction to the death of an unarmed black American at the hands of a police officer in Minnesota. Rutte pointed out his belief that, while Floyd’s death was “unacceptable”, it nevertheless did not justify ignoring the social distancing rules in place to curb the spread of Covid-19.


“I was shocked by the images on the Dam,” Rutte said of Monday’s protest in Amsterdam, which drew a packed crowd of about five thousand people. “Those rules are there so that we can defeat the virus. The virus does not take into account the nature of a demonstration,” he said

(Nice to know at least one national leader remembers yesterday’s global crisis)

5. Another view of the Rochester couple savaged by looters 

6. Turkey backs Trump stance on Antifa, asks for same on YPG in Syria

(Given that communist Kurdish groups trained hundreds of ANTIFA in the use of deadly force and military tactics, I have to agree with the Turks on this one)

Turkey asked the US on Wednesday to crack down on “Antifa” in Syria, following President Donald Trump’s decision to declare them a terror organisation in response to nationwide mass protests over the police killing of black American George Floyd.


The Antifa (deriving from the German “antifaschistisch”, or anti-fascist) label refers to a range of autonomous anti-fascist organisations and activists who use similar iconography and tactics when physically confronting far-right groups.


Though there is no formal Antifa organisation, as some right-wing commentators have alleged, the symbols and slogans associated with the movement have been used by groups linked to the pro-Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) in northern Syria, including by foreign volunteers.

7. Polish authorities have a more direct way of dealing with communist insurgents. THey remember communism in Poland.

(I wonder if the polish police officer was saying to the ANTIFA he had on his back, “Call me a NAZI again. C’mon, call me a Nazi”.)

8. Is Trudeau’s denouncing of Israel about his Security Council seat bid?

The problem with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign to win a temporary, two-year seat on the United Nations Security Council is the things he has to say in Canada’s name to win.


Thus it was no surprise that as the vote by the UN General Assembly on whether Canada will win one of two available seats in competition with Norway and Ireland approaches, Trudeau has started, predictably, to denounce Israel.


In a strange condemnation of Israel on Tuesday during his daily appearance outside his official residence — while simultaneously criticizing China as if they are equal threats to global peace and security — Trudeau said Canada “deplores” its proposed annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank.

(One gets the feeling that Trudeau mistakes working with corrupt systems and a total lack of principle or ethical standards that prove to be the best for mankind with sophistication and intelligence. I think when he goes with corruption at the UN he thinks that shows a form of adeptness.)

9. Another worthy opinion from someone with his eyes open

10. The Financing of ANTIFA big reveal. Who pays these guys?

Thank you Johnny U., M., C., Oz-Rita, MissPiggy,

Claim is that ANTIFA has massive weapons caches ready to break out for when the next protestor is shot.

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12 Replies to “Who is paying ANTIFA? Why are Blacks rioting in Sweden? Links 1 for June 4, 2020”

  1. We can take it as a given that Antifa has weapons cached around the nation, there were too many reports of Antifa paying the Drug Cartels to smuggle in Chinese military weapons for all of them to be false. While the timing of their use may be when the next protester is shot I think that is a little early, I would time their use as much closer to the election in an attempt to scare people into not voting.

  2. NPR and the ADL are claiming that white supremacists are masqueradingvas Antifa.

    I have direct and indirect experience with victims of the KKK and WAR in two locales. These are brutal groups and should not be discounted.

    • Agree.
      And I have similar direct and indirect experience.

      It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Antifa incorporates both extremes. The white nationalist element is small here, but it’s big in parts of Europe. In Greece, for example, it’s full-blown Nazis who join leftist-styled Black Bloc affiliates.

  3. The George Webb video.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is pulling the strings. Of course. They have the money and they are global. And if all he says is true, it’s quite frightening.

    * * *

    AND if falls in line with this Minneapolis story: Going All-In: Minneapolis City Council Considers Disbanding Entire Police Force…

    – This “community policing” process is already taking place in many European communities the results create what are known as “no go zones.”

    Neighborhoods, and entire parts of cities, where local Sharia compliance enforcement officers have replaced the police force; and the rules, regulations and enforcement are detached from the larger social compact.

    Considering that Minneapolis has a large concentration of Somali Muslims within the local population, it makes sense this approach is now discussed for their city. –


  4. 9. Another worthy opinion from someone with his eyes open

    The message of Black Lives Matter is that there is an epidemic of young black males being murdered by white police and the government doesn’t care about it, but the statistics and the facts simply do not bear that out. What is true is that there is a mass-slaughter of young black males dying at the hands of other black males but the “woke” blacks we see on TV don’t seem to care a rat’s behind about it.

    It seems to me that the slogan, “Black lives matter” is very clever but it is being pointed at the wrong crowd. It’s black people who don’t think that black lives matter not white people, otherwise they’d be more interested in the thousands that die every year from personal squabbles with fellow blacks who can’t control their emotions and kill at the drop of a hat.

    George Lloyd was a petty criminal trying to pass a fake twenty in a store then lipping the cops when he gets arrested then plays games with the cops and falls on the ground and says he’s “claustrophobic” and refuses to get into the car, which is “resisting arrest”. And now he’s some kind of heroic role model who needs to be “remembered,” for what he “stands for”… What a bunch of bullshit. Nobody cares about George except his mother…

  5. I hear there’s a new band in town: “Black Floyd”. Performing at the next afa-get-together in your neighbourhood…

  6. Americans are in dire need of seeing somebody get arrested, prosecuted, and face justice for violence and anarchy. We’ve had to sit on year after year of knowing the cabal was in place and going after the president in a slow motion coup which has morphed into a revolution. All those conspiracy theorists were proven correct in their theories. We better pray for Donald Trump and America, who knows if we can overcome this direct assault on the Republic. Obviously there has been a wide, deep, and heavily financed attack being planned for some time. Why did this never make it to our intel? Conservative radio and TV has been railing about it for years! Then again, why did we not have intel that told us China was brewing a virus and putting likely-sick people on planes and sending them into Italy and New York City? Good grief don’t we know anything anymore?
    Whoever funded this, whoever is managing it, needs to be brought down, as well as all the little helpers. I have a young male relative who is so angry with me for suggesting there are two sides to this and it is a complicated issue, is one of those young people easily used to commit violence. Hot-headed, immature, head filled with social justice mush, and impulsive. The Communists use the stupid young to accomplish their goals while they hide like snakes behind the scenes. At the top is Soros, surely. Young people have been primed for radicalization all during their years in public school. They’ve watched a zillion videos on how bad and how racist America was and is. The pinnacle of admiration is saved for the Civil Rights movement, surely a righteous movement, but today’s radicals love Malcolm X, not MLK.

    • It should not need to be said, but I’ll say it here. It is necessary to condemn in the strongest terms what happened to George Floyd. What was done to him was murder, and obviously evil. That imbecile made life harder for all the other officers who are trying to do their jobs, help people, and go home to their families.
      America needs HONEST conversations about race, prejudice, crime, policing, and factors that do not help citizens live their best lives and be positive contributors to family and society. If white people run around trying to show how much they love black people and hate themselves, it accomplishes nothing at all, and we will never make the positive change we desperately need.

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