WHO Resumes Hydroxychloroquine trials now that higher mortality rate stats are debunked

The doctors who’s anger caused the WHO to be partially honest for a bit

Medical journal The Lancet on May 29 issued a correction to a recent study which found that antimalarial drugs Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine were linked with an increased risk of mortality in hospitals, and an increased frequency of irregular heart rhythms.


The study, titled, “Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis,” and published on May 22, included records of 96,032 patients from 671 hospitals in six continents. The patients were hospitalized between Dec. 20, 2019, and April 14, 2020.


Patients receiving the anti-malarials were put in four different groups: chloroquine alone, chloroquine with a macrolide, hydroxychloroquine alone, or hydroxychloroquine with a macrolide. Patients who received none of the treatments formed a control group. Researchers found the 14,888 patients in the treatment group suffered higher mortality when compared to the control group of over 80,000.


“We were unable to confirm a benefit of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, when used alone or with a macrolide, on in-hospital outcomes for COVID-19,” the researchers wrote.


However, more than a hundred scientists and medical professionals raised questions about integrity of data analyzed in the study and subsequently wrote an open letter to its authors and the editor of The Lancet, listing 10 major concerns.


These included the fact that there was “no ethics review,” and “unusually small reported variances in baseline variables, interventions and outcomes,” as well as “no mention of the countries or hospitals that contributed to the data source and no acknowledgments to their contributions.” A request to the authors for information on the contributing centers was denied, the letter said.


Among the scientists other concerns were that the average daily doses of hydroxychloroquine were higher than the FDA-recommended amounts and that data reportedly from Australian patients did not seem to match data from the Australian government.

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10 Replies to “WHO Resumes Hydroxychloroquine trials now that higher mortality rate stats are debunked”

  1. I believe that the powers-that-be do not want the coronavirus to end so they discredit hydroxychloroquine so the pandemic will last longer and there will be a greater number of fatalities and more damage will be done to the world economies. I think if the world had followed Turkey’s lead, which was the logical thing to do since they are so successful, the pandemic would have come under control and things would have returned to normal. This has all been about ruining Donald Trump’s accomplishments and ensuring that he will lose the 2020 election. Just imagine all the unjust evil stupid shit they’ll be able to enact if Joe Biden nods his way into the Presidency while being little more than an animation mouthing their Democrat lies without really even understanding what he is doing…

    • As enormous a crime as that is, as you describe it, I think thats correct and even short of the total enormity of the truth of it.

      I think the communist EU and China and UN are actually in on it, in part to take down President Trump, yes, but also this is a communist insurgency using the beard of racism for which there is literally ZERO evidence.

      Sweden and France’s blacks are in partial revolt now and they risked life and limb to get to those countries and live off of state benefits in great disproportion to other populations. So hard to play the “we were slaves’ card in Sweden.


      “…the revolution is ALWAYS the point.”

      • That is what is happening and the left is going to increase the violence as the election get closer, the reason for the violence is to either scare people into letting the Dems win or to lay the ground work for a bigger asymmetric civil war to replace the US government with a communist Dictatorship.

    • Chris-
      That Turkey success story is FAKE.

      I’m trying to find the most recent link, but the facts are Turkey did WORSE than any of its neighbors in the Mideast or even Greece. Despite the lengthy lead time, Turkey’s death toll per capiata is second only to Iran’s. And the numbers it puts out are lies.

      MSM is MB-media. Paki media (which Vlad linked) is also in the bag.
      Forget the Turkey hype.

  2. Just read elsewhere that the company behind the study is complete sham company. Can’t make this stuff up… we are squarely in alternate universe.

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