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5 Replies to “LIVE video of docking of new US spacecraft and station”

  1. Remember the nation that controls the top of the Gravity Well controls the earth, we can’t let Russia or China control the top of the well. That was the original idea of developing a US Space Station (a wheel with spin providing gravity) and a Lunar Base, if we had both they were safe from ground launched missiles and could throw missiles or rocks at the enemy.

    Remember the Flying Crowbars aka Rods from God aka Thor’s Hammer, that weapon would use steel bars as the weapon to use instead of something with an explosive warhead.

      • She is slowly getting better and is going getting tired of not having her full strength and stamina. Shannon is doing fine and says he will be happy when she isn’t so upset. The dogs are doing well but the female is coming into heat and that is going to drive both Tara and Shannon nuts keeping them separated. Everyone will be a lot happier when they finally get enough month to have her spade. When the female isn’t in heat they spend a lot of time trying to make Tara feel better, rather like my cat does when I have a headache.

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