Former leader of the Libertarian part of Canada speaks to us at the Ottawa anti-Lockdown protest, May 23 2020

Jean-Serge Brisson, Former leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada speaks to the nature of the Lockdown and what it means for Canadians in the future.

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2 Replies to “Former leader of the Libertarian part of Canada speaks to us at the Ottawa anti-Lockdown protest, May 23 2020”

  1. When you don’t use and defend your rights you lose them, most people don’t understand this fact and the wanna be dictators on the left count on people not using their rights until everyone says well we don’t need that right. Until the left took control of Hollywood most of the TV shows (those that weren’t comedy) were either western or Private Detective shows. Once the left took over they set out to stop making those type of shows because they showed people depending on themselves instead of the Government. The same thing was true in the publishing industry, the left didn’t recruit new authors who wrote westerns, private detective or men’s adventure stories. All action stories had to be based around some government official, cop or spy but not an individual.

    Yes there are new Westerns being written but from what I have seen they are all based on US Marshals or Sheriffs chasing the bad guys instead of people taking care of themselves. This is something I don’t see discussed very much, the way popular culture for the kids shapes their attitudes into the government obeying adults the left wants. I am not into video gaming but from the movies I have seen based on them most of them seem to be based on Private Industry (big corporations) are going to be evil and destroy the world if the good government doesn’t move to stop them.

    Learn what your rights are and protect them at all cost, and be sure to teach your kids to do the same.

    • The Japanese copied our Westerns after the War because they’re inspiring. They show individual, not collective heroism. People knowing their rights and defending them.[*]

      I still think those movies are a kind of civics lesson. Even proto-feminist – like “Petticoat Junction” you linked for me. Classic, enduring.
      [*] It’s assumed people know right from wrong. I’m no longer convinced that’s true of many of my fellow Americans. Certainly not the Judeo-Christian, Western ethos that grounded our Republic.

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