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17 Replies to “MUST SEE: Canadian soldier responds to Omahr Khadr’s speaking in Halifax”

  1. No, you need more veterans to sue the corrupt government for damages, like that talliban did (and won).
    As a soldier 1. identify the enemy 2. choose the weapon 3. strike.

  2. One day — soon — the plaid army by the millions will en masse and simultaneously recognize that they are targeted by their own “elites” for replacement. Read the writing on the wall. At every turn citizens are silenced and held in contempt because they intuitively know that the Comintern and Mohammed’s followers are in league to erase every vestige of Western Civilization: Western Civ has got to go because it alone, with its Judeo-Christian heritage, common and Roman law, stands in its way of eliminating the nation state and ushering in, at last, the global tyranny for which they’ve worked these 100 years.
    Make no mistake: the Red-Green axis comprises Satan’s army on earth; these people hate Christ and His church. But they will join forces with the liberal, apostate church to persecute the true church.
    Why is the left so feverish to implement open borders? Eliminate gun rights? Both are necessary to the destruction of the nation state.

    • Absolutely correct! I just found out today that a massive housing complex of 1000 condo units will be built within a mile of my residence….on Indian land…..For whom? Almost every day, I see new faces in my town…..some have no faces….they’re wearing burkas…..This Great Replacement is an invasion…..I wrote my Mayor and Councillors asking politically incorrect questions about this very subject…and my letter was not even acknowledged. They are complicit! Traitors! For their 30 pieces of silver!

  3. We need more Canadians to rise up and support and thank OUR soldiers who have fought for our FREEDOM, and to address the ongoing Islamization of Canadian institutions.

    Under Justine Trudeau:
    The payment of 10.5 million dollars to Omar Khadr

    The sudden reversal, by the Justice Minister, on the long running case against Abdullah Almalki, Ahmed El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin.

    The criminal investigation against IRFAN was dropped without public announcement or reasons given.

    The massacre at the Quebec City Mosque, January 2017 has not been pursued as a terrorist case, despite multiple events and indications that the attacks are nearly a text book case of terrorism.

    Omar Alghabra, born in 1969 in Khobar, Saudi Arabia favours Shari’ah Law. He is a close advisor to Justine Trudeau and a member of the community editorial board of the Toronto Star.
    At his nomination meeting in 2006 he thanked the Islamic Society of North America for their support.
    Alhambra was the guest speaker of the 2007 ISNA Annual Conference. The only conference headlined by Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood hoods.
    the ISNA tried to invite the head of Jamaat-e-Islami, Qazi Hussein Ahmed to speak at the ISNA conference in Canada in 2008. His visa to Canada was pulled at the last minute, he was previously banned in 25 countries. The ISNA Canada Conference was run jointly by the Muslim Student Association and Muslim Youth of North America, and endorsed by the Canadian Council of American-Islamic Relations, (NCCM), the Islamic Circle of North America, and the Muslim Association of Canada. these organizations have been identified as Muslim Brotherhood hoods front groups.

    I am one of many Canadians who are horrified by the actions of Justine Trudeau and all the useful idiots who have aided and abetted in his Global cause.
    Eleven Muslim members of Parliament and counting.

    • I love this man for his intestinal fortitude, speaking up for what is right. I propose Justine awards him with 10.5 million for being a Canadian patriot.

  4. I haven’t checked lately but it used to be that the Canadian Government issued warnings about certain countries that weren’t safe to visit, saying that if you go there and get into trouble, the Canadian Government can’t help you.
    Omar Khadr was taken into a war zone by his father, friend of Osama bin Laden,
    not by the Canadian army, or the Canadian people; so how did Canadian taxpayers end up paying him 10 million dollars?
    I think it was probably right for the Government to bring him back to Canada, but the fact that he served the rest of his time here and then was set free, should have been enough.
    If anyone violated his human rights it was his family. He should have sued them for compensation.
    I think we need a law or a policy, that the Government will not give compensation to anyone who has participated in terrorist activities, whatever the consequences of their actions. The Government won’t pay for hostages, and let two Canadians in the Philippines die at the hands of Muslim extremists, rather than pay ransom. That’s the policy.
    (I’m not on Twitter so I can’t watch the video, so can’t comment on that, but I can understand the soldiers’ frustration)

    • He didn’t serve out his time here. A slick lawyer got him out of Guantanamo and to Canada, and immediately started the process of getting him free in increments.

      It didn’t take long for him to go from terrorist prisoner to victim with what I think was a $20M payment, 9.5M going to his lawyer, and then a CBC celeb.

      He should still be in jail. Although frankly I think he is a military problem and not a law and order one.

      • His mother and sister claimed he is a hero and a martyr, is there any wonder he is always smirking? Justine pushed this through, always taking care of the poor Muslim.

  5. I want the Canadian Government to award Jeremy MacKenzie, a Canadian soldier/ Canadian hero 10.5 million dollars for his pain and suffering for the loss of his fellow soldiers who fought for our freedom. I also want him to be awarded a further ten millions for having to endure the disgraceful award to the terrorist Omar Khadr.

    • Antifa

      Criminal Code sec 175.1. Causing Disturbance
      a. Not being in a dwelling-house, causes a disturbance in or near a public place.
      (1) by fighting, screaming, shouting, swearing, singing or using insulting or obscene language.

      Civil Disobedience
      A form of social protest, involving the active but non-violent refusal to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of an established authority because they are considered to be morally wrong or detrimental.

      • Social engineering: the application of sociological principles to specific social problems.

        A political and economic theory of social organization which advocated that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

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