German Parliament applies Frankfurt School tactics to discredit actual science

This is a stunning example of Alynski’s rule 13, (Don’t attack the idea, attack the person) and Habermas’ force a consensus and then accuse all who speak outside of the consensus of hate speech. In this case, the extent to which they had to stretch to discredit solid science, from an exceptionally qualified scientist, resembles what was done to Bilyana Martinovski by the Swedish Police.

Thank you Miss Piggy for what was an enormous task translating this video.

Please watch to the end. This is an important video.

Direct link

Another thing. Miss Piggy who translated this, said that the strident annoying German voice over did not translate everything that was said.

In the original video the translation voice was very loud. So annoying and so occulting of the original that I wondered if they tried to hide his statements.

In the version above I used EQ to make his voice more audible and you can actually follow his English without blowing an ear drum. Miss Piggy did get all he said. But remember that the local audience did not get his complete segments from the German translation, which you can hear at this link.


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4 Replies to “German Parliament applies Frankfurt School tactics to discredit actual science”

      • Yeah. At the very end, it gets very hot and the woman just blasts the professor with a fusillade of scorn. I am frightened by how angry and violent modern leftists are. That woman is totally full of hate toward anyone she sees as conservative and just trashed him without mercy at the end. Nice way to treat a guest, eh…? She truly hates the guy’s guts.

        And is it my imagination or are most of the worst leftists also feminists and also women…? I’m just saying… They act as though “deniers” are so many bad little boys firing spitballs for the sole purpose of disrupting the class and annoying them personally – bad little boys who need to “Stop that this instant!” or the always-right woman will get really cross…

        And I find it depressing that even the basic climatology stuff that he mentioned, like the fact that CO2 follows temperature, is understood by such a tiny percentage of the population after all these years. They have done an excellent job of talking about climate change constantly while saying absolutely nothing about it that the average person is utterly clueless on the subject despite hearing about it daily. Well done Dr. Goebbels. Very slick…

        • And is it my imagination…

          Yeah, Chris. You’re starting to pile on to women.
          The antifa soyboy bullies are mostly male.

          These creatures are: ~ ~ c o m m u n i s t s ~~
          – – neither male nor female, Jew or Christian, black or white. Keep it focused or miss the target.

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