Jews for the AfD: An interview with the founders

This is a wonderful piece of counter-narrative journalism where some young Jewish-German people decided to form an official branch of the AfD party. The purpose is to help support the facts of who and what the AfD represent, as well as the deceptions and subterfuge of Merkel’s CDU as well as Greens and other more genuinely antisemitic parties, who are working triple shifts to create a  Genocide by Proxy.

Thank you Miss Piggy for the staggering amount of work that must have gone into this translation. Also if you want to read background and details of all people in this video, please visit RAIR Foundation’s article on this video here.


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4 Replies to “Jews for the AfD: An interview with the founders”

  1. Phenomenal job, Miss Piggy!
    Touched a nerve several times. I’m just as conflicted as they are.

    Most of that community emigrated from the former Soviet Union. They chose to go to Germany. While my Russki and others chose Israel, +/- North America.

  2. Nothing changes. I assume there are now, or soon will be, an official Black branch of the AfD party, an official LGBTQ+ wing, a Women’s Czar, and a Youth Movement? The complete package. This totalitarianism to be everything to everyone. A whole marxism of grievance groups.

    Why then do political parties assume they have the right to do this? In America it is simply good enough to say “I’m an American!”. Anything added is subversion. “I’m a Black American!” would startle a reaction of astonishment for stating this clearly obvious, to “is that magic skin?”.

    And there is a good reason as to why there is a Public and Private Sector. The private sector remains free and private and is the most efficient. The Public Sector meanwhile, is the evidence of failure. Of infrastructures not met, or of adults unable to grow up. An embarrassment, that the government has to employ very low-quality personel to take over and ruin into bankruptcy.

    So how is any Political Party, at the very start by embracing every victim-group, going to become any better? Why not just stand back as a line of men at women at a bbq saying “goys will be goys” and allow Jews to defend, shoot and eradicate their attackers. For the population to find out and learn that the most civilized and intelligent will always win when on an equal and level playing field. That respect is earned from ability, and not from the handed out Preferences of Diversity.

    Otherwise, hardened criminals will just continue punching the soft underbelly of Socialism, where the identity-groups, drawn out from the gun-free masses, will cry out for a Dear Fuhrer to save them. And then, this leader turns out to be exactly the same criminal who was quiety fast-tracked and nurtured within an “official branch.” Socialism-Communism. ‘Oh, it’s a two-hander.’ But by then, this realization is too late.

    Jewish Branch. The Afd must be running all the way to the bank..

    • So, rather than nesting preferential groups, politicians need to deal with laws that separate the in-laws from the out-laws. Out-laws do not get the same rights. In prisons they don’t vote, etc. And Jewjsh concerns of being assaulted are everyone’s concerns.

      To be a Party that expresses freedom of conscience as a human right, of free speech, and recognizes that the real definition of hate is the inverted trinity of anti-father agencies, (such as islam, Communism and LGBTQ), that put children through the trial of a living hell through intellectualism, emotional rage, and pride to become traumatized clones.

      And no embassies of “we are just like you” Trojan Horses.

    • It wasn’t the AfD it was frustrated secular German Jews who see how Merkel is weaponizing antisemitism against the AfD. They decided to counter it with a Jewish division. This is not an official AfD initiative I am certain.

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