Additional information on the Finsbury Park attack on first responders this week

*ERRATA* I made an incorrect assumption when writing this that the police in the Leeds area are the London police. They are not. The error is mine from a bad assumption on incorrect geography. 

Yesterday we posted an article about how emergency first responders had been attacked with repurposed fireworks and rocks in the area of Finsbury mosque. We posted an article about how this is a standard muslim technique for establishing Islamic rule, and ending the sovereignty of an area by the lawful state. Arguably this started first in Sweden in modern times.

Below is an early 2010 or 2011 video of the Finsbury Mosque imam at that time, Abu Hamza the Egyptian, now hopefully trying to feed himself with his hook in a US prison.

Direct link.

The following attack on riot police might be more significant as this area listed in the article has a large percentage of muslims while Finsbury is islamic and black.

‘It’s absolute madness’: Riot police attacked with fireworks in running battle with groups of youths

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Special thanks to Peter Mcloughlin for his help with this.

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7 Replies to “Additional information on the Finsbury Park attack on first responders this week”

  1. The Islamic Invaders are starting to establish a State within a State, once they have established that British Law doesn’t rule that area they will start expanding the area they control until they have taken over the entire City. At some time during this process they will bring the guns out of the Mosques and use them to enforce their rule of the cities they have taken over.

    The Brits have 3 choices 1) fight back now and deport every troublemaker they capture no matter how old. 2) wait and then face a longer and bloodier fight to regain control of their nation. 3) Surrender and allow teh Imam’s to rule all of Britain.

  2. What DJ said.

    I don’t know what happened in Leeds this week, or in London, but I do know that anyone who can write “Leeds, a heavily Islamic part of London” is not a credible source of news on either city. Or anywhere else in England.

    • Actually my source is listed and its a very credible source.

      I also provided a map to the islamic centres in the region and am adding another one to the other story in Finsbury park.

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