Hezbollah missile strikes IDF vehicle near Israeli base on Israel-Lebanon border

Al-Manar, a Hezbollah-affiliated TV channel, has released footage of a missile strike on an Israeli military vehicle near IDF’s Avivim military base on the Israel-Lebanon border. The video shows two Kornet anti-tank missiles fired from different positions and narrowly miss the vehicle which then led to massive artillery fire in retaliation. IDF reported no casualties in the incident. Tension has run high on the border since a drone attack on a Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut last week which could be conducted by IDF.

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  1. How the IDF used the honor/shame mentality against Hezbollah by faking injured soldiers near Lebanon

    For the past week, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has been threatening Israel with an attack as retaliation for last weekend’s IDF attack against Hezbollah targets in Syria, and, reportedly, in Lebanon.

    What is the point of such retaliation? It is purely to restore Hezbollah’s honor. it serves no strategic interest, and in fact could easily escalate into something Hezbollah doesn’t want. But the Arab concept of honor is so strong that logic is not important – the shame of being attacked is too great to go unanswered.

    Unlike most of the West, the IDF understands Hezbollah’s honor.shame dynamic. And it devised a plan to use it against them.…


  2. [F]ormer Education Minister Naftali Bennett, speaking at Shurat HaDin’s annual Law and War Conference, said that Hezbollah now has 140,000 missiles aimed at Israel:

    “Now, they have piled up tens of thousands of missiles, embedded them within homes, and they can shoot at population centers in Israel in order to kill Israelis. You come into a home in a Lebanese village in southern Lebanon and there is a parents’ room, the children’s room, the kitchen, the living room and there is the rocket room.

    There is a rocket room, literally. There is a rocket targeted toward Israel. There is a movable ceiling so, like a convertible car, you can move the ceiling, shoot, and then you close it. So, they might have a dog, a cat, and a missile in their home.”

    The placing of missiles in civilian homes in southern Lebanon is a callous strategy utilized by Hezbollah. “Deliberately, in the beginning, they build the homes around the missiles,” Bennett explained.

    “It’s a long-range missile. It is a pretty big thing. You cannot bring it in after you build the homes, so there are some homes that they actually built around the missiles. Quite literally. This happens primarily in Shiite villages but not only. You got villages where 30 to 40% of the houses are hosting missiles right now. The rest of the villages are booby-trapped.”

    Bennett noted that when you have 140,000 missiles aimed at Israel, this gives Hezbollah the ability to fire 1,000 missiles into Israeli civilian population centers per day over a period of five months.


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