Trudeau unappreciated by unions in Western Canada: Links 1, Sept. 3, 2019

1. Trudeau’s motorcade met with hostility in Hamilton On.

This video title claims he was “kicked out of Labour Day BBQ”. Could be. Many news stories claim unions unhappy with Trudeau China Steel deals.

2. Odd set of car ramming and gunshot victims in St. Paul Minnesota. Anyone know the demography of St Paul?

3. This will make your day

4. Belgium claims to have banned halal and kosher slaughter…

(At the end of the day, the muslims will continue with some minor modification and selective enforcement will make sure that a fraction of Belgium’s Jewish people will leave, while muslims are barely inconvenienced)

5. Islamic honour killing in Texas

(Amy is also tracking an honour killing by a muslim in Gaza who holds a Canadian passport. This is a developing story and should be a very interesting proof for Trudeau’s actual beliefs in rule of law.)

6. AOC and the Squad Raise Bail Money for Cop-Attacking ANTIFA Thugs at ‘Straight Pride Parade’

(This seems like a good time to repost the second DSA video)

Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-MI), two members of the far-left “Squad” of multicultural women of color elected to Congress last year, are fundraising for the ANTIFA terrorists who committed acts of violence on the streets of Boston against law enforcement this past weekend.

7. This is a hell of a story. I hope we get news video on this soon.

Suspect in newly invented, ‘Spit hood’ to protect law enforcement and court officers from jihadi saliva

8. Bill Whittle: Warren’s plan to scrap the 2nd amendment

9. Hungary Charges Syrian Accused of Beheading, Killing for ISIS

Hungarian prosecutors said on Tuesday they had charged a 27-year-old Syrian man with terrorism and crimes against humanity committed as a member of Islamic State in 2015.

The man, identified only as F. Hassan, was charged with beheading and shooting people who refused to join the jihadist movement in 2015 in Syria’s Homs region, the prosecutors said.

His lawyer was not immediately reachable by phone.

Prosecutors, who are seeking a life sentence, said the man made a “death list” of people who did not identify with the goals of ISIS. With an unnamed accomplice, he beheaded an imam and later with armed companions killed at least 25 more people, including women and children, they said.

“According to the charges, F. Hassan … took part in the execution of at least two people, and personally shot dead another civilian,” the prosecutors said in their statement.

10. UN Slams Nigeria Military for Using ‘Lethal Force’ on Muslims

(No fair fighting back!)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A United Nations rapporteur strongly condemned Abuja’s application of deadly violence against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, made the remarks in a report in the country’s capital on Monday.

“The overall situation I have found is one of extreme concern,” she told a news conference in Abuja, where she presented her preliminary findings following a 12-day visit to the country, Reuters reported.


The official deplored the “arbitrary deprivation of life” and the excessive use of lethal force in the case of processions held by the IMN back in 2015.


Nigeria’s military attacked the movement’s members that year as they were holding religious processions, with Abuja alleging that the Muslims had blocked a convoy of the country’s army commander. The movement has categorically rejected the allegation and said the convoy had intentionally crossed paths with the IMN’s members to whip up an excuse for attacking them.


The military also raided the house of Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaki, the movement’s leader, at the time.

(This is an Iranian news source. SO it does not mention the staggering amount of killing of non-muslims in Nigeria. Mostly against Christians.)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Johnny U., PC., ET., Babs and a lot of people who provided materials to this site. There is more to come. Translations and news.

Tibetans march for Hong Kong, oppose China

(I am kinda shocked this didn’t happen sooner. But its good to see Tibetans standing up to the people that committed staggering atrocities against them)


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  1. 5/ A horrific Palestinian honor killing, the reaction in Arab social media and the larger problem
    [vid of scream]
    Islamic honour killing Rashida Tlaib blames Israa’s honor killing on everything (including Israel) EXCEPT honor/shame cultures like Islam

    “Isra’s death illustrates an ever-present toxic masculinity and control over women’s bodies and lives.”

  2. 8 – This idea was tried in the 1980s and the courts said it was just another scheme to violate the Second Amendment. The left doesn’t study history so they don’t know what has already failed.

  3. What do the trade unions think of Canada’s Immigration Minister’s announcement to bring migrants to 11 Northern cities. He said “People don’t realize just how much the rural economy needs immigration.” Does he and the Liberal government have any idea how many people are unemployed in the winter months? I suppose their placing migrants in specific areas has nothing to do with future votes. Sheer madness.

  4. 6/ My Russian neighbors got caught up in the confusion there. They thought there was another bombing. Their English vanished, they were escorted out of the gridlock by a very kind and patient police officer.

    The Mayor…
    …things best left unsaid.

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