The man who burned his wife in front of children in Quebec is a …

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The Journal of Montreal:

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The young woman was in the parking lot adjacent to the apartment building where she lives on Arago Street West in Quebec City’s Saint-Sauveur neighbourhood on Friday night when her ex-husband allegedly doused her in gasoline before setting her on fire.

“When I got downstairs, I found my daughter’s car with the trunk open. It’s like she had lifted the bottom to take the spare wheel,” the victim’s mother said in an interview with Le Journal at the victim’s apartment.
Artificial coma  

The 27-year-old woman was taken to a burn unit in the area. She was placed in an induced coma to spare her the pain of the burns that would have affected half of her body, including her face, back and hands. “She is in a bad condition, a serious condition,” the mother said, reporting that the hospitalization could last “many months.”

The Tunisian-born woman, who was visiting Canada, was tasked with caring for her two grandchildren. She hopes that her husband, the children’s grandfather, will be able to come to the country to support her.

“I’m traumatized. My daughter is in the hospital, 50% burnt, my wife and my daughter’s children are at home, alone… I don’t know what to do,” said the grandfather, Abdeljalil Haj Amor, who was contacted by Le Journal in Tunisia.

According to our information, the suspect, Frej Messaoud Haj, 39, is the ex-husband of the victim. The union is said to have begun about eight years ago in Tunisia. The young woman quickly joined her new husband in Canada, where he had been living for a few years.

A recent divorce, allegedly initiated by the victim, is believed to be the source of the terrible incident, the young woman’s father said, calling her former son-in-law “violent.”

“It’s been going on for years,” says Abdeljalil Haj Amor. I came in 2014 to visit my daughter and I saw that there were a lot of problems, a lot of conflicts. I stayed with her for several years in Quebec City to support her. »

Frej Messaoud Haj was arrested on counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. He was scheduled to meet with investigators yesterday after his arrest near an A-W restaurant in Drummondville. The individual has no criminal history.

Anyone surprised that the suspect is a muslim, must have been shocked to discover that Epstein is dead.

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