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7 Replies to “Today’s video on Epstein suicide by Epoch News”

    • I agree. His family said he was in good spirits, aka a happy guy.

      That “statement” generates many questions. If he was in good spirits, it would indicate he was feeling hopeful. And if yes, why would he be hopeful?

      One of his accusers said he told her he needed three orgasms a day, the same as eating. Why would he be in good spirits in a penitentiary?

      I’m not into conspiracies but that “statement” makes one wonder if he is really dead. His financial worth being $500 Million, many people can be bought off very easily. If he rearranged and/or converted enough wealth, see even a new identity, he could disappear and never be seen again.

  1. AG Bill Barr says FBI/DOJ will investigate.
    Statement should read ” Considering the corruption exposed at FBI/DOJ over the last two years, the investigation will be conducted by the Bismark North Dakota Sheriffs Department.”

  2. Right now I don’t know what federal police agency I trust, and since the state and local police take their positions based on the Federal Police after 8 years of Obama politicizing the Feds I don’t know how many local police I trust.

  3. The guards are now saying he complained a few weeks ago that someone was trying to kill him. As we go along, the story makes less sense.

    If he thought someone was trying to kill him, why would he have tried to hang himself a few weeks ago? Or for that matter, why kill himself afterward?

    And how can he be in ”good spirits”, as family said, if you think someone is trying to kill you?

    A story that gets weirder by the day never gets solved, IMHO.

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