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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Note:Trump curse strikes again!

    Arizona governor says they’re pulling tax incentives for Nike after canceling American flag shoes
    by Julio Rosas
    | July 02, 2019 08:37 AM

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    Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced his state will no longer offer tax incentives for Nike to move to the state after it was revealed they pulled a new shoe design that featured the Betsy Ross American flag.

    The decision was made after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick told the company he and others considered the flag to be offensive since it represents a time when slavery existed in the United States.

    Nike Betsy Ross shoes.jpg
    Nike Betsy Ross shoes.
    “Words cannot express my disappointment at this terrible decision. I am embarrassed for Nike,” Ducey tweeted, saying today was supposed to the announcement of a major investment with the company in the state. “Nike is an iconic American brand and American company. This country, our system of government and free enterprise have allowed them to prosper and flourish.”

  2. Turkey Orders Arrest of 122 More Over Suspected Gulen Links (aawsat, Jul 2, 2019)

    “Turkish police launched nationwide raids on Tuesday to detain 122 individuals accused of ties to the group blamed for a 2016 failed military coup, state media reported.

    Prosecutors from Istanbul, the eastern coastal province of Izmir and the central province of Konya issued dozens of arrest warrants for suspects including soldiers — some still on active duty and some already sacked — according to the Anadolu news agency.

    The agency said 41 suspects had been caught so far.

    Since the attempted overthrow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tens of thousands have been detained on suspicion of ties to US-based Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of ordering the failed coup. He strongly denies the accusation.

    Since 2016, more than 140,000 public sector employees have been sacked or suspended over suspected links to Gulen.

    There have been hundreds of detentions in recent months despite criticism from Western allies and rights activists who say Ankara is using the purge to target opponents.

    Turkish officials say the raids are necessary to remove Gulen’s influence from state institutions.

    Police based in Izmir were looking for 42 suspects there and in 17 other provinces, Anadolu said. Authorities believed members of Gulen’s network had used pay phones to contact the suspects, it added.

    Authorities in Konya were looking for another 40 suspects, including soldiers on active duty, there and in 25 other provinces, the news agency reported.

    Istanbul’s prosecutors office said another 40 suspects including high ranking military personnel were being sought in the city and 14 other provinces.”

  3. Man blows himself up in Tunis after being surrounded by the police: witnesses (reuters, Jul 3, 2019)

    “A man blew himself up in the Mnihla area in Tunis after being surrounded by the police late on Tuesday, witnesses said.

    Police cars arrived in Mnihla after a strong explosion hit the area, according to witnesses.”

  4. 14 sailors killed in fire aboard Russian navy deep-sea submersible
    UPDATED ON: JULY 2, 2019 / 4:32 PM / CBS/AP

    Fire broke out on one of the Russian navy’s deep-sea research submersibles, and toxic fumes from the blaze killed 14 sailors aboard, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday, although it released few details about the disaster or the vessel involved.

    The Defense Ministry did not say how many sailors were aboard the vessel during Monday’s fire, whether there were any survivors or if it was submerged at the time. But Russian media reported it was the country’s most secret submersible, a nuclear-powered vessel designed for sensitive missions at great depths.

    BBC News analysis cites Russian news agency RBK as saying the vessel was an AS-12 nuclear-powered sub, however, there has been no official confirmation. The vessel is now at Severomorsk, the main base of the Russian Northern Fleet, BBC News reported.

  5. A military jury has found Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher not guilty on almost all counts, including the killing of a wounded ISIS fighter.
    He was only found guilty on one count related to taking a photo of the ISIS fighter’s corpse, which carries a maximum sentence of four months, sources told Breitbart News.

    As Gallagher has served nine months in pre-trial confinement, it is likely he will not serve any time in jail at all, sources said.

    There were five enlisted Marines and two sailors on the jury, including one Navy SEAL.

    The verdict was publicly announced by former New York Police Department Commissioner Bernie Kerik, who served on Gallagher’s defense team as an adviser:

  6. Top Democrats on Capitol Hill are celebrating the Trump administration’s announcement on Tuesday that it will forgo adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

    Critics have pushed back on the White House’s efforts to ensure its inclusion for months, arguing it had the potential to cause noncitizens and anyone else in their households to skip filling out the question or partaking in the census altogether, which could lead to an inaccurate count.

    Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y) — the co-chair of the House Census Caucus and leading members in the fight against the question — said she felt an “ominous storm cloud over the census has been lifted.”

    The New York Democrat had sent a letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Tuesday morning calling for the agency to begin printing the census without the question following the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against the Trump administration on the issue.

  7. US declares Balochistan Liberation Army a terrorist group (tribune, Jul 2, 2019)

    “The United States on Tuesday declared the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) as a global terrorist organisation in a significant development, which Pakistan hopes will ensure the “BLA’s space to operate is minimised”.

    The US State Department, confirming the decision, said it was classifying the BLA as a global terrorist group, making it a crime for anyone in the United States to assist the militants and freezing any US assets they may have.

    “The BLA is an armed separatist group that targets security forces and civilians, mainly in ethnic Baloch areas of Pakistan,” the State Department noted, citing reason behind the move.
    “The outfit has carried out several terrorist attacks in the past year, including a suicide attack in August, 2018 that targeted Chinese engineers in Balochistan, a November, 2018 attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, and a May, 2019 attack against a luxury hotel in Gwadar,” it added.

    The move to declare BLA as terrorist organisation is seen here as “positive development” since Pakistan had long been calling for such a decision…”

  8. Even though there have been at least 15 documented incidents of Antifa assaulting members of the media, CNN has steadily remained the left-wing terrorist group’s public relations arm.
    Over the weekend, Antifa added another notch to its gun with a brutal assault on Quillette journalist Andy Ngo, an attack that landed him in the hospital, an assault that CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter deliberately downplayed on his basement-rated weekend show.

    Sadly, Saturday’s Ngo assault is just the most recent attack on a journalist (and on Ngo himself, who has been physically accosted by Antifa in the past).

    Nevertheless, not counting Stelter using selectively-edited video this weekend to make it look as though Ngo was merely the victim of a milkshake/silly string hazing that went too far, here is a short list of CNN’s encouragement and defense of Antifa’s violence:

    Antifa fights for a “good cause.”
    Antifa’s fight “is right.”
    Antifa’s punches are more “equal morally” than others.
    Antifa is “on the side of right.”
    Antifa is right because “sometimes you can’t fight by praising them or being nice to them. You gotta fight fire with fire…”
    Antifa is as heroic as the America soldiers who stormed the beaches on D-Day.
    Antifa harassing Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant is “what he signed up for.”
    …criticism Antifa is “racist” (even though Antifa is predominantly white).
    What’s more, much of this defense and championing of Antifa happened after the group committed countless acts of violence and vandalism.

    Worse still, CNN launched this public relations campaign for Antifa even after the group had attacked about a dozen journalists.

    As recently as April of this year, just a few months ago, CNN defended Antifa as fighters of a “good cause” — and this was long after Antifa had repeatedly beaten, bullied, and roughed up members of the media:

    August 2017: Independent journalist Keith Campbell beaten by Antifa in Berkeley, CA.
    August 2017: CBS photojournalists attacked by Antifa; required stitches in his head.
    August 2017: Female reporter, Taylor Lorenz, allegedly punched by Antifa.
    August 2017: Journalist shoved and robbed by Antifa in San Francisco.
    June 2017: Antifa attacked Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt in Melbourne Australia.
    July 2017: Independent journalist Luke Rudkowski beaten by Antifa at G20.
    July 2017: journalist Marcus J. DiPaola beaten by Antifa at G20.
    July 2017: journalist Max Bachmann beaten by Antifa at G20
    August 2017: Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec assaulted by Antifa in DC.
    August 2017: Global News crew assaulted by Antifa in Quebec.
    April 2017: Daily Caller cameraman assaulted by Antifa in DC
    August 2018: NBC News cameraman shoved around by Antifa in Virginia.
    August 2018: Same NBC News crew attacked again by Antifa.
    November 2018: Journalist Andy Ngo assaulted by Antifa in Portland.
    And now we can add Saturday’s brutal attack on Ngo as number 15.

  9. World ever more cruel to migrants says pope (ansamed, Jul 2, 2019)

    “The world is ever more cruel towards migrants, Pope Francis said in a video message ahead of World Migrant and Refugee Day on September 29.

    “The true development is inclusive and fruitful, projected towards the future,” Francis said, while today the world “is every day more elitist and every day more cruel with the excluded”.

    World Migrant Day has the theme “It’s not only a case of migrants”.

    For July, the migrant section of the Vatican’s department for integral human development proposes the sub-theme “It’s a case of not excluding anyone”.”

  10. Swedish opposition leader calls for limited right to interpreters (thelocal, Jul 2, 2019)

    “Sweden’s Moderate Party, currently in opposition, has called for the use of interpreters to be limited, meaning foreigners with permanent residence would lose their right to the service.

    “You can’t live in Sweden for decade after decade and not learn Swedish,” said party leader Ulf Kristersson, speaking to journalists ahead of his speech at the Almedalen festival.

    “Today we have a well-intended, but badly thought through, unlimited right to interpreters,” he said.

    Currently Swedish state authorities, healthcare providers and other public bodies are legally obliged to hire a qualified interpreter when needed, to ensure non-native Swedish speakers can access the services they are entitled to.

    Many parts of the Moderate Party’s suggested language reforms, also outlined in an opinion piece for Svenska Dagbladet, were already known, but the proposal which would remove the right to interpreters from foreigners with permanent residence has drawn most attention.

    Kristersson said that interpreters should continue to be offered to people who were newly arrived in Sweden, and said that exceptions would also be made for trials or other special situations, even for non-native Swedes with permanent residence.

    But he wrote: “Unfortunately, for many years we have diminished the value of our own language. For a long time, policy has sent a signal that a person who comes to Sweden does not need to learn Swedish,” In the opinion piece, he described Swedish language skills as essential for democratic participation, entrance to the labour market, and the avoidance of parallel societies and segregation.

    He argued that the unlimited right to interpreters “sends the wrong signals about the individual responsibility to learn Swedish, and the value of our language”….”

  11. Andy Ngo’s Lawyer:

    Harmeet K. Dhillon
    Verified account

    Follow Follow @pnjaban
    Litigation is expensive. Someone is funding the Antifa criminals. Those truck rentals, flyers, fiberglass knuckles, chemicals, communications, bail money don’t come for free. Liberty lovers, please step up & contribute to make sure what happened to @MrAndyNgo won’t happen again.

  12. Air Strike Hits Migrant Detention Facility in Libya’s Tripoli, Kills 40, Wounds 80 – Report (sputniknews, Jul 3, 2019)—report/

    “An air strike late on Tuesday hit a detention facility for migrants in the Tajoura suburb of the Libyan capital of Tripoli, Reuters reported, citing an official at the targeted location.

    An airstike against a detention centre for illegal migrants in a suburb of the Libyan capital killed 40 and wounded 80, Reuters reported, citing a health official.

    According to previous report, the official who works in a department combating illegal migration that runs the facility, said that there were casualties among the migrants…”

  13. France’s Richest People Get Richer Faster Than Everyone Else

    The first half of 2019 brought continued civil unrest to France, with throngs of protesters taking to the streets to demand higher wages and pensions amid widening wealth inequality.

    But for the nation’s richest citizens, the first six months have been filled with good fortune.

    The 14 people from France on the 500-member Bloomberg Billionaires Index added a combined $78 billion to their collective net worth since Dec. 31, a 35% increase. That’s more than double the pace of China’s richest, at 17%, and the U.S.’s 15%. The best returns outside of France came mostly from Asia as Thailand’s wealthiest were a close second at 33%, followed by Singapore’s 31% and 24% for Japan.

    French Fly

    Fortunes of France’s richest have grown the fastest so far in 2019

    The figures exclude countries with fewer than two billionaires in the ranking. That makes Aliko Dangote, the sole Nigerian on the list, an outlier. His wealth has surged 60% to $16.8 billion this year.

    Luxury titans Bernard Arnault and Francois Pinault and cosmetics heir Francoise Bettencourt Meyers led the way for France, adding a combined $53 billion. Demand for luxury goods from China has proven resilient despite uncertainty caused by that country’s trade dispute with the U.S. Shares of Arnault’s LVMH have surged 45% this year, the second-best performance in France’s CAC 40 Index. The gains made him a centibillionaire last month as he joined Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates as the only people to have personal fortunes of at least $100 billion.

    Thailand’s success can largely be attributed to Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, founder and chairman of TCC Group, a beverage and real estate conglomerate, and Sarath Ratanavadi, major shareholder and chief executive officer of Gulf Energy Development Pcl.

    Sirivadhanabhakdi’s net worth rose by $4 billion to $16.5 billion as shares of his Singapore-listed Thai Beverage Pcl surged 38%. He’s aiming to expand his empire beyond beer and whiskey in Southeast Asia’s second-biggest economy.

    Ratanavadi added $2.3 billion as his bet on Vietnam begins to pay off. Shares of Gulf Energy, listed in Bangkok, advanced 51% this year.

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