Video of two women, attacked in London by group of ‘right wing populists’? I do not think so

Listen to the tortured logic this woman uses to try and blame (essentially) president Trump, but more directly all non-leftists for the attack on a pair of lesbians by what, increasingly, we can surmise are muslims.

In this case, the lack of names or photos of the attackers might indicate that a lack of evidence in this case, given the Press rules on ‘minority’ reporting, is indeed evidence of who did it.

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4 Replies to “Video of two women, attacked in London by group of ‘right wing populists’? I do not think so”

  1. it was a normal for London violent mugging on a late night bus they resisted but still had their cell phones, money and bags stolen ,muggers don`t care if you are straight or gay they just want your stuff ,their story is bullshit queer propaganda

  2. I think the left is so close to achieving their goals that they wouldn’t be above actually hiring actors (think Jusse Smollet) to pretend to be Trump supporters and neo-Nazis Like the “Nazis” who pissed on the Israeli flag yesterday. The left is dangerously close to shutting down freedom of speech entirely and might do anything at all to gain that extra mile and achieve real permanent victory.

    They dream of simply handing a list to the internet service providers and getting all the sites like vladtepesblog and thereligionofpeace etcetera closed down for “damaging community cohesion” and “exacerbating racial tensions”. We are within one hair’s-breadth of losing this, folks. The enemy is at the gate and pouring over the top with knives in their teeth and hatred in their eyes. A year from now we could be living in a world with only one opinion allowed as we all play along with the left-wing fantasies of climate change and white nationalism…

    • 1) The enemy is inside the city and the gate is wide open.

      2) When they get too oppressive there are many millions of trained people who are getting upset with the left. At leat in the US.

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