ANOTHER seemingly terrorist event in Canada we aren’t being told about


No name of the arrested truck driver in any article found so far.

Internet security tip of the day: DO NOT USE GOOGLE. Try



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  1. “A municipality in southern Sweden has voted to ban the Islamic headscarf in schools for children under the age of 13, in a first for Sweden.
    The populist measure is part of a new ‘integration plan’ …”

    Compromise leads to submission. For they have just sealed every young girl’s fate at 13 and beyond to have no protection. Sweden has washed its hands.

  2. I met a muslim guy on a work site. He told me that officials asked him what kind of job he wanted. He told them he always wanted to drive a truck. The next day he was issued a class 5 license, no test required. And now you know how they get their license.

    • And now you know how they get their license.

      And now we know where they become familiar with the trucks that they mow us down and KILL us with. Imagine how much easier it must be to rent a multi-ton vehicle (for yourself or your Ramavan bum chums) when you can casually brandish about a Class 5 license.

      Anyone who ever peremptorily issued a Class 5 license like that to anybody (Muslim or whinging snowflake) is guilty of being accessory to the jihad rammings and run-over murders happening all over the West.

      Conservatives are beginning to discover that they have a lengthy roster of executions obstructing their access to utopia as well.

      The sole difference being that a Conservative utopia can be freely entered and exited at will. The Postmodern utopia, like Islam, will be the usual one-way street where you check in to their Roach Motel-of-an-ethos, but you don’t check out!

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