Barry Webb on Mueller, Egypt and Iran

This may start a little slow, but its worth it. Lots I did not know about Mueller. This is one dangerous SOB.

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  1. Please Lord let him be right about the investigations into coverups go back to the Clinton administration.

    His theory on flight 800 fits the reports from combat experienced pilots and sailors saying they saw a rocket.

    If he is looking into coverups he can also look at Oklahoma City bombing, there was an Iraqi Motel Owner that was a match for sketch number 2 that was never looked at because the Clintons ordered the FBI to ignore any evidence that didn’t point to a White Conservative Christian.

    • The Late John O’Neill

      “HOW RICHARD CLARKE CONCOCTED THE TWA 800 ‘EXIT STRATEGY’ … AND Why” by Jack Cashill – April 5, 2004


      About four weeks after the crash, Clarke reportedly met with the
      late FBI terrorist expert, John O’Neill, who told Clarke that the eyewitness interviews “were pointing to a missile attack, a Stinger.” For the record, no eyewitness ever mentioned a “Stinger.” No credible independent theorist insisted on a Stinger, nor did the Defense Department. Clarke sets up the relatively small, shoulder-fired Stinger missile as a straw man to discredit all terrorist or missile-related theories. In his book, he takes credit for doing the same.

      “[TWA 800] was at 15,000 feet,” he reportedly told O’Neill – who died at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and can no longer correct the record. “No Stinger or any other missile like it can go that high.” One would think that on so sensitive and contentious a point, Clarke would have made an effort to get the altitude of TWA 800 right or even consistently wrong. He does neither. The real altitude is not 15,000 feet or 17,000 feet, but 13,800 feet – an altitude at which the Stinger could be effective. In a book of this importance, such mistakes and omissions shock the knowing reader.

      PBS: Frontline “The Man Who Knew” John O’Neill

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