Little shop of horrors 1 for May 22, 2019

1. Nun, 77, is found ‘beheaded’ in the Central African Republic village in murder feared to be linked to human organ trafficking

(Skepticism is warranted here. A. as a nun and teacher, is likely to be older than the ideal target group for organ theft, especially when she has a class full of young girls who would be better candidates and easier targets one would presume, and also, a Christian teaching young girls who might be muslim is a much likelier motive in CAR which is like most places now, in a civil war between islam and everything else.)

A French-Spanish nun has been brutally murdered in a village in the Central African Republic where she taught sewing to young girls, the Vatican said Wednesday.

Sister Ines Nieves Sancho, 77, was found beheaded early Monday according to the Vatican News website, while a bishop in CAR said her throat had been slit.


‘According to a local member of parliament, the murder could be linked to trafficking in human organs,’ the site adds. 


Village MP, Jean Marque Djokou said that the beheading is likely to be for human organ trafficking because it took place in Nola, a village known for murder recurrences and cases of organ trafficking.

(Decapitated, throat slit, no organs missing. Yeah. Must be organ trafficking cause there is such a high demand for 77 year old nun heads)

2. New Jersey man arrested for plotting terror attack at Trump Tower

A New Jersey man was arrested Wednesday on terror-related charges for allegedly seeking to provide material support to Hamas, and discussing the bombing of Trump Tower and the Israeli consulate in Manhattan, according to federal officials.


Jonathan Xie, 20, of Basking Ridge, is charged with two counts of attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization, two counts of making false statements, and one count of transmitting a threat in interstate commerce. […]


“I’m gonna go to the [expletive] pro-Israel march and I’m going to shoot everybody,” he said, according to the complaint.

3. This didn’t really work well for Hillary. I guess Ilhan thinks she has the system rigged as well as Hillary thought she had it rigged.

4. Germany: Statue of the Virgin Mary beheaded and damaged

After a man from Trier district of West reported the theft of a sandstone statue of the Virgin Mary last Saturday, May 18, the severely damaged sculpture (photo above) was found last Sunday, May 19, in Trierweilerweg street. The statue of the Virgin Mary made of sandstone from Udelfang was stolen from a private property in Trier’s Grana street between the 14th and 18th of May.According to police investigations to date, the sculpture, which is about two metres high and weighs 150 to 200 kilograms, must have been carried off the property by several people. The statue has now been found in Trierweilerweg street.However, it is severely damaged.

5. An analysis of the Oz election. Evil, lost:

6. Just WOW. Canada

7. Canada hires company for $1.14M to bring trash back home from the Philippines

Canada is spending more than a million dollars to bring dozens of containers of rotting garbage back to Canada from the Philippines in the coming days.


Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna announced on Wednesday that her government has awarded a contract to Bolloré Logistics Canada to remove the garbage by the end of June. According to the tender, it will cost at least  $1.14 million to do so.


Her office said the garbage will be treated to meet Canadian safety and health requirements, and will be disposed of by the end of this summer.

McKenna also said all the costs associated with the preparation, transfer, shipment and disposal of the waste will be covered by the Canadian government, but it’s not clear how much it will be.


McKenna’s announcement comes just hours after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte ordered his government to hire a private shipping company to leave 69 containers of garbage in Canada’s territorial waters. 

(Trudeau cannot get even the simplest thing right it seems)

8. Asylum minister Mark Harbers resigns over refugee crime report

Asylum minister Mark Harbers has resigned during a debate with MPs about a report in which figures about the number of refugees suspected of violent crimes were ‘hidden’.


Harbers told MPs that he felt responsible for the report, in which figures about how many refugees were suspected of rape and murder were not explicitly stated. ‘I am not only responsible in terms of the law, but I feel responsible,’


Harbers said. The figures, which were published last week, included suspicions of rape (4) and murder (31) under the heading ‘other’. Harbers was then accused of attempting to hide the figures.

9. The UK an China going Orwell squared

Thank you EB., Richard, M., ML., Sassy, Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan, and everyone who sent in materials today.

There is still a lot of stuff in the works.

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10 Replies to “Little shop of horrors 1 for May 22, 2019”

  1. #6

    Islam silences Mothers
    So a child can behead men.
    Socialism silences Fathers
    So a child will hate women.
    Each grown before the others
    A beast of pride therein
    Tasting of their brothers
    Our pain and pleasure kin.

    • Uh… that “pain and pleasure kin”?
      Sounds twisted. Like someone telling you that “pain” is really “pleasure”.

      That’s not true. Abnormal perception is pathological. If your pleasure is causing someone else pain, and you insist ‘pain and pleasure are kin,’ you’re a manipulative bully.

      • When you hate women, that voice in your head for music, art and creativity is gone. Replaced by a single line of command code:

        When you hate men, there is no objectivity, logic and reason. Fighting injustices, again and again: Comrade.

        Two violent hypnotic states. Gangs directed by perverts who pose as Muhammadans and Communists.

        Sex as a drug:
        Muslims have 72 perpetual sex slaves.
        Marxists have ferral males always on demand.
        The female child kept ignorant until innocence stolen; the male child exposed and infected to react.

        Their identities. Pain or Pleasure .

        Until these king makers, become kings.

        The LGBTQ+ have risen.

        When a child hates their ‘female’ voice
        They follow the line given.
        When a child hates their ‘male’ voice
        Distracted seven-seven.
        Awakens prematurely
        “Serve the Beast in Heaven”
        Sexual-Power Identity
        Now it feeds off them.

        Islam silences Mothers
        So a child can behead men.
        Socialism silences Fathers
        So a child will hate women.
        Each grown before the others
        A beast of pride therein
        Tasting of their brothers
        Our pain and pleasure kin.

        • There’s some last thoughts on this sexualization of children that causes a child their rapidity to guilty self-consciousness and the formation of a dominating sexual-identity before their own identity is formed. Their natural sequence of development out-of-step and maturing sexually before their time.

          The first is the child-abuse by pedophiles or pederasts. (Being similarly abused and thus sexually-premature).

          The second are the sexually-motivated religions like Socialism and islam where sexual-submission and poverty are rewarded from Money Trees or from Heaven, respectively. Intellectual Retardation that creates sexual urges to bubble to the surface uncontrolled. Hence, free condoms and enforced burkas.

          The third is where there are no fathers. The need to replenish the species taking precedent. Only this, unfortunate circumstance, is fumblingly heterosexual.

  2. I can’t find the right wording to say what I think should happen to the little gutter rats. With them acting like that at their age you don’t want to be any where near them when they reach their teens and older.

  3. So the guy with the camera just stood there shooting instead of coming to the woman’s rescue? Really? Unbelievable…

    • Thank you, CJ. My thoughts precisely. Record a few seconds to capture all of their faces and then make sure that when it’s over, only their hair doesn’t hurt. With runts like that, one good boot up the ass is all it takes. A second or third are administered strictly for one’s own personal gratification.

      It’s times like this when delivering disfiguring blows becomes difficult to resist.

  4. McKenna: She had three years to deal with the trash in the Philippines who even offered to pay the shipment costs that we now must pay. She was too immersed in the Climate Change Hoax to deal with it.

    And the helicopter contract is another major loss for reasons that defy logic.

    Although I love summer, I can’t wait till October.

  5. 1: Theoretically, the killers could have been interested in her retinas. But yeah, a 77yo is not a likely target.
    i did a quick search, and yesterday 26 people were shot by a Fulani (muslim) militia. The militia is called 3R, an acronym for the absurd name “Return, Reclamation and Reconciliation”. They signed a peace deal in February and their leader was appointed military advisor to the PM, but they didn’t let that cramp their style.

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