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8 Replies to “NSA Arabist, Barry Webb, on China’s New Silk Road”

  1. “Baloch separatist outfit claims Gwadar port hotel attack aimed at ‘Chinese & foreign investors’”
    By Omer Farooq Khan – May 11, 2019

    “Hoping to extend maritime reach, China lavishes aid on Pakistan town” by Drazen Jorgic – December 16, 2017

  2. Tribal hellholes across three continents will remain nasty pit stops. They’ll serve as magnets for highway robbers, give every warlord an opportunity to blackmail the Chinese overlord.

    => This is not a revenue-generating enterprise.
    “Silk Road” or “One-Belt/One-Road” or the “Belt & Road Initiative” – alternative names, cute marketing of rope they’ll use to hang us.

    These “trading ports” are military bases. They don’t make sense otherwise. That’s the way we should be looking at this aggressive expansion.

  3. The idea of pulling out of Afghanistan and letting the tribes fight it out while at the same time attacking every Chinese base in the area has a large appeal and would be one more strain on the Chinese economy. The problem is what kind of a military and political strain would it put on India and would it increase or decrease the probability of war between India and Pakistan?

    Having said that if things in the Mid East and South America get bad enough we may have to pull out of that region to use the military assets in other locations.

    • India and Pakistan will always be at some stage of war. That shouldn’t factor into own decision-making process. It’s more of a problem for China and Russia, but still fairly remote – fallout wise, when the time comes – for such huge land masses.

      Pakistan is not internally coherent: its tribes cross all its borders; they don’t play nicely with each other. They never will.

      India is big enough to compartmentalize conflicts, limit their impact to a region. Each region has its own messy border relations, but it’s been that way forever.

      I say we pull out of bacha-bazi land. Let China taste what we and the Russians experienced there.


      • India wasn’t one nation until the Brits took the entire sub continent, which is why they have internal borders that can be defended. I don’t know how well integrated the nation is so I don’t know what will happen if we pull out and everything goes down the tubes. Of course if it gets that bad our presence probably won’t do anything to help anyone.

        As I said the idea is appealing, the main problem I see is that this would probably speed up the beginning of WWIII. I would like a few more Navel Vessels in commission before the war starts, of course no war starts where people like me are satisfied with the military we have at the start of the war.

  4. Unfortunately this video does not show up on the “OPERA” browser.

    Until it is fixed can you please include the link of the video pointing to Bittube.

    This is what Gates of Vienna has been doing recently.

    Best regards

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